Covid-19: a psycho package for children and adolescents in distress, announces Emmanuel Macron

Eating disorders, refusal of school, depression … Faced with an increase in distress due to the Covid-19 crisis in children and adolescents, Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday April 14 the establishment of a package of charge of ten prepaid psychologist sessions.

“Today we have a health problem that affects our children and adolescents, which is added to the epidemic”, said the Head of State during a meeting with caregivers in the child psychiatry department at the Reims University Hospital.

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The package will allow 100% reimbursement of ten psychologist sessions in town for children and adolescents aged 3 to 17, said the presidency. It will be activated throughout the crisis, with partner psychologists identifiable on a platform and as part of a treatment path through any doctor, who will prescribe this emergency package.

4 in 10 parents have noticed signs of distress in their child

Emmanuel Macron spoke for more than three hours with caregivers and patients, including a teenage girl hospitalized for depression. “What do you dread the most? “, he asks her. “A new confinement”, she replies. “We do everything for” to avoid it, tries to reassure her the Head of State. “Yes, I would like to go out, see my friends, because staying locked up at home is not easy at all”, testifies the young girl.

“We see something rising that we had not known at the first confinement, anxiety and anxieties in the youngest which were reflected in the figures”, stressed Emmanuel Macron, citing a 40% increase in pediatric emergencies.

Four in ten parents said they had observed signs of distress in their child during the first confinement, due in particular to the constraint of confinement and the lack of social relations linked to the closure of schools.

Overwhelmed child psychiatry services

Faced with this demand, the child psychiatry services, long lacking in staff, are overwhelmed. “The workforce should be doubled or even tripled” caregivers, alerted the head of the child psychiatry service, Anne-Catherine Rolland, who told him that requests for consultations had doubled since September.

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Beyond the emergency package, Emmanuel Macron has promised that more structural responses will be debated during the Assises de la santé mine planned this summer. The lack of attractiveness of the profession of child psychiatrist will thus be addressed.

According to surveys carried out by Public Health France over the past year, the proportion of French people reporting anxiety or depression has increased sharply since the first confinement and has remained at a high level since, affecting nearly a third (31%) of the population. population.


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