Covid-19: a new school health protocol implemented from Monday

Since Monday, November 29, a new school health protocol has been put in place throughout France to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. The government is expanding a measure tested since early October in ten departments (Aisne, Ariège, Côte-d’Or, Landes, Manche, Morbihan, Moselle, Rhône, Val-d’Oise and Var).

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♦ Maintenance of face-to-face lessons

The new school health protocol is level 2. All classes continue to be face-to-face, and wearing a mask remains compulsory for students from primary school. Children’s brewing should be limited, and while sporting and physical activities are permitted, contact sports are prohibited.

♦ End of systematic class closure in kindergarten and elementary

So far, a positive case detected resulted in the closure of the class, and all students were isolated for seven days. From now on, when a student tests positive, all students are tested in turn and only those who are positive will have to stay at home for a week.

The class will therefore remain open and children with contact cases will be able to return to school in person on presentation of a negative test, and not of a sworn certificate (PCR and antigen tests are accepted, but self-tests are refused) .

It is parents to take the test and to keep the child until awaiting the result, except in certain cases where a laboratory will come to carry out the tests at the school. In the event of a negative test, the national education ministry advises “strongly” to carry it out. a second one a week later. Parents who refuse to have their children tested will have to isolate him for seven days at home.

♦ Two self-tests per week offered for 6th grade students

The sixth graders are encouraged to realize, from this Monday, two self-tests per week, announced the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, justifying this measure by the fact that the children composing these classes are under 12 years old and are not vaccinated.

These self-tests are not not obligatory and are to do as a family. “We will give a box of ten self-tests valid for five weeks to sixth-grade students (…) National education will provide these ten self-tests”, said Jean-Michel Blanquer.

As a reminder, in middle and high school, students with contact cases who are not vaccinated must continue their distance learning for 7 days. Those who can justify a complete vaccination can continue their face-to-face courses.


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