Covid-19: 96% of French people infected last week were not vaccinated

Almost all (96%) of French people who contracted symptomatic Covid-19 last week were not vaccinated, Minister of Health Olivier Véran said Thursday, July 15, during an express visit to the Chambéry vaccinodrome. Almost all of them were infected with the particularly contagious Delta variant, added the minister.

These figures, he said, will henceforth be provided every week. ” it’s clear “ to the population by the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES). This first study confirms that the vaccine is effective against infection, since, from June 28 to July 4, only 6% of cases testing positive for Covid-19 (symptomatic and asymptomatic infections combined) are fully vaccinated people. The majority (80%) were not vaccinated at all. 3% had received their first injection recently, 11% had received a first dose for more than two weeks, or a second dose for less than a week.

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Finally, the vaccine seems to be effective against the Delta variant since only 5.5% of positive cases are people who are fully vaccinated. “The protective effect of vaccination against infection does not appear to be significantly different for this particular mutation”, says Drees.

“Four times less risk of catching Covid-19 with the vaccine”

“When you are vaccinated, you are therefore at least four times less likely to catch the Covid”, assured Olivier Véran. Asked about the demonstrations organized against the health pass, the minister first relativized the movement, given the small number of demonstrators, before admitting to having “A little difficulty understanding them”.

He was not worried about the opposition of some caregivers threatening to resign, because of the obligation to be vaccinated. “When you choose to wear the blouse, it’s a commitment” which involves getting vaccinated. “The vaccine obligation already exists in the law”, he recalled.

A sharp drop in appointments had been observed in recent weeks. But since the announcements of President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, July 12, 4,000 additional requests compared to the average have been recorded for this single vaccination center. At the national level, Olivier Véran quantified at ” three million “ the number of appointments made since the intervention of the president.


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