Covid-19: 30 million vaccinated… What now?

” We have to go ! ” While France crossed, on Saturday June 12, the symbolic milestone of 30 million first injections of vaccine against Covid-19, the Minister of Health urges the French to continue to be vaccinated at a sustained rate. Of these 30 million, half received two doses. In all, 45% of the population therefore received at least one injection.

A satisfactory rate, placing France in the leading group of the European Union, but insufficient: “We were among the last, today we are among the first, rejoices Olivier Véran, in the Sunday Newspaper. But we must not wait. Because that’s how epidemics start again: from people who are not vaccinated. “

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The race is nevertheless far from being won, as explained in the same edition by the chairman of the steering committee for the vaccination strategy: “There is group immunity on the horizon. But it’s like a marathon of which we have already run two-thirds. And we know that the last will be the most difficult ”, explains Alain Fischer.

For now, the rate of injections remains sustained, with nearly 400,000 first-time vaccines each day and a constant increase in the 50-59 and 60-69 age groups, as well as an increase ” very strong “ (+ 6% since the opening at the end of May) among 18-49 year olds, according to the Ministry of Health. The approach of the holidays could nevertheless lead to a drop in vaccination, or even the injection of second doses, alert epidemiologists.

Open to teenagers

In detail, if the rate of first-time vaccines is close to 85% in the over 65s, it is only 70% in the 50-64 year olds and falls below 50% in the under 50s. .

Covid-19: 30 million vaccinated… What now?

While many countries, including France, are worried about reaching a “glass ceiling” on vaccination, the objective now will therefore be to vaccinate people who are less affected by severe forms of the disease and are at risk. therefore not to be eager to get stung.

From Tuesday 15, vaccination will also be open to 12-18 year olds. A debated decision. “Is there an absolute urgency to start vaccination now, when several indicators are green and the start of the school year in September could mark the start of the campaign? “, asked the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE), in a statement accompanying, Wednesday 9, its opinion on the issue. In any case, he recommends “Seek free and informed consent” of these adolescents.

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At the same time, the epidemic continues to decline, with 2,110 patients in critical care on Saturday 12, the lowest since October 19. The number of new daily contaminations dropped back below 5,000 over the past week.


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