Corona’s impact: more things will be added to essential goods and services, government will decide soon

The government will soon add more things to the list of essential goods and services. A decision on this can be taken by the Central Government in the next ten days. Mobile phones, laptops, essential garments, aluminum foil containers, baby care essential items etc. can be included in the list of essential items. Medical electronics equipment is also included in this list.

Government will redefine essential goods and services. & nbsp;

The impact on delivery of e-commerce companies due to Corona & nbsp; impact & nbsp;

In view of the Corona infection, many places & nbsp; e-commerce companies were being banned from delivering items like mobiles, tablets, laptops. Local administrations had to say that there is a danger of spreading the infection. But e-commerce companies had to say that these things have now become necessary. Therefore, their delivery should not be stopped. After sending the memorandum to the ministries, the government has decided to take a decision on it and now it can redefine the essential goods and services and include these things. & nbsp;

Under the ‘Dispute to Confidence’ scheme, now pay till June 30, the government extended the deadline due to Corona &nbsp ;

Senior citizens invest in these schemes for regular income, will remain in profit


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