Corona Vaccination: Many big companies planning to buy Corona vaccine, will get their employees and their families vaccinated

Mumbai: The world’s largest corona vaccination campaign has started in the country. At the same time, the first dose of corona vaccine is also being given to the people one by one. Meanwhile, many big companies in India are preparing to buy the Kovid-19 vaccine for their employees and their families.

From Tata to JSW Group, Reliance to Vedanta and other multinational companies in the country have started discussions in their boardrooms to vaccinate their employees and their families. Along with this, Indian firms have started discussions with vaccine manufacturers to purchase vaccines in bulk for their employees. However, the government is regulating the indigenous vaccine covicshield and covicin.

Plan to buy vaccine

In a tweet, Vedanta Resources executive chairman Anil Aggarwal congratulated the health minister for the government’s health efforts and said, ‘Vedanta will extend its full support. The vaccine given to the public is important for the well being of our citizens. As a responsible corporate, Vedanta will ensure that all its employees are vaccinated as soon as possible. At the same time, a Vedanta official told ABP News that Vedanta is planning to buy 25,000 doses for its employees.

What price did the government buy the vaccine?

At the same time, JSW Group led by Sajjan Jindal has consulted with the vaccine manufacturers for the purchase of Kovid-19 vaccine for its 55000 employees. However, the government has not yet allowed vaccine manufacturers to sell the vaccine in the private market. Let us know that the government is buying 1.1 crore doses of coviciled vaccine from Serum Institute of India at a cost of about 200 rupees per dose and Bharat Biotech is purchasing another 55 lakh doses of covaxine at a cost of Rs 295 per dose. In such a situation, the Indian private sector will have to pay more for these vaccines.

Talking to vaccine manufacturers

An official of a leading Indian firm told ABP News, ‘We are in talks with the vaccine manufacturers to purchase the Kovid-19 vaccine for our employees. The cost of each shot is approaching 1000 rupees. We are in talks for a wholesale supply. Apart from this, many companies of Tata group are also planning to vaccinate their employees as soon as possible. According to Biocon chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the company will provide free COVID-19 vaccination to its employees. Apart from this, companies like Whirlpool and Arvind Advanced Material are also planning to vaccinate their employees.

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