Corona chaos continues – Löwen trainer is not allowed into the stadium after all

The corona chaos at 1860 Munich continues.

Although the health department in Munich had given the green light to third division coach Michael Köllner (51) for the game on Sunday (1 p.m., live on Magenta TV) in Halle, the Löwen coach is now not allowed to go into the stadium.

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Who else can see through?

In 1860 it was announced that the mayor and the health department of the city of Halle had refused to allow Kölln access to the stadium. Although the Munich health department had approved after an intensive examination and strict conditions.

The lions have no understanding of this. In a press release, the club explains: The head coach of TSV 1860 Munich is therefore not allowed to enter the stadium in Halle! The politicians and the authorities in Halle see the responsibility in this case with their local authorities. Due to federalism in the Federal Republic of Germany, this is legally possible and according to legal information from TSV 1860 Munich, but TSV 1860 Munich lacks any understanding from the point of view of sporting integrity and fairness.

Background: 1860 defender Kevin Goden (22) tested positive for the corona virus during the week, and all non-vaccinated and non-recovered contacts had to be quarantined. In addition to coach Michael Köllner (who is vaccinated, but has not yet achieved full protection), four other players are affected, according to BILD information.

Köllner, who, according to BILD information, should achieve his full vaccination status at the beginning of next week, wanted to travel to Halle in his private car on Sunday and coach his team on the sidelines under strict hygiene regulations (including an FFP mask). There was the green light from Bavaria. But Halle decided differently!

Sports director Günther Gorenzel (49) says: “I agree with DFL boss Christian Seifert: We have to be careful that the” caution team “does not become the” unworldly team “.” And complains: “We accept the decision, but we do accept it only with great disapproval. Last season, when the Grünwalder was empty, we never complained, complained or questioned the assessments and decisions of public health authorities. But now that even the decision-makers in Halle cannot show us a valid reason for a risk from the deployment of our head trainer, but Michael Köllner is not granted access despite the permission of the Munich health department, we have to ask the question of whether that involves fair competition has to do or whether an advantage should only be created from a predicament. ”

For the Lions, the exclusion of Köllner distortion of competition

Gorenzel: “If local politicians and health policy authorities intervene directly in the sporting competition in the future, we in German professional football will have to reckon with many decisions at the green table this season and not, as it should be, on the green lawn.”

Captain Sascha Mölders (36) and Co. must now appear in Halle without their coach. He is represented on the line by his co-trainers Oliver Beer and Günter Brandl.

1860 could not win this season away from home. Gorenzel remains optimistic despite the Corona chaos, says: “I am very sure that the team will give the right answer right there, on the pitch, tomorrow.”


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