Corentin Lacroix, stethoscope and camera

Appointment is made in his house in Sorinières, about twenty minutes from Nantes, where he prepares his next shoots. Doctor Corentin Lacroix welcomes his visitors with the same mischievous smile as on the videos of his WhyDoc channel, which has 1.7 million views on the YouTube social network. At 33, this general practitioner based in Vertou, in the Nantes conurbation, recently received the Albert-Sézary prize from the National Academy of Medicine, in the young doctor category. “When I discovered the immense CVs of the other winners, I couldn’t help but feel an impostor syndrome.confides the practitioner with an infectious smile. But it’s a nice recognition. »

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Corentin Lacroix recorded his first video in 2016, towards the end of his studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes, where he met his wife, also a general practitioner. His first subject? Pulmonary embolism. At that time, the sound was not optimal and the tone not as assured as on his last productions, whose dynamic editing, embellished with extracts from films or cartoons, captured the attention. But the spirit is already there: to educate the general public (and medical students) about health, thanks to a very accessible writing and a high level of content.

Up to 300 working hours

For each video, broadcast every two months, Corentin Lacroix goes through ten to thirty different scientific sources (articles but also theses), browses forums, contacts associations… His videos, which last five to fifteen minutes, require fifty to three hundred hours of work depending on the complexity of the subject. He records them in his 3-year-old daughter’s bedroom, where the acoustics are the best. All he has to do is swap the childish decoration for old anatomy textbooks, an owl statue and a fake black skull, which belonged to his grandfather.

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He was an industrial designer at the Biscuiterie nantaise – whose chocolate-filled cakes rocked the childhood of the future doctor. And it may not be for nothing in his career as a youtuber. “He was extremely curioussays Corentin Lacroix. He had even built his own sky observatory. »

His medical vocation comes from his father, a general practitioner nearing retirement in La Bernerie-en-Retz, himself the son and grandson of caregivers. “As a child, I didn’t want to be like him, especially since I didn’t see him much. But a high school teacher assured me that I had the abilities and finally, I said to myself that I was going to learn a lot of things…” General medicine seemed obvious to him. “We are not specialists in anything but we can do everything”, he summarizes.

Against “miracle therapies”

Recently, the young doctor has arranged his schedule: he sees his patients three days a week and spends the rest of the time at home, to prepare his videos, or at the medical school, where he supervises a group of practice analyzes . “It’s a balance in life that allows me to go to work with a smile”, he congratulates himself.

A recent partnership with the National Medicines Safety Agency allows him to finance the time spent digging into his subjects. After dealing with diabetes, depression, nose blowing in children, earwax plugs (video thanks to which his patients banned cotton swabs) and vasectomy, he plans to tackle the Gardasil vaccine and persistent cough. Ideas that he often draws from his patients, “like this young man, very embarrassed to talk about hemorrhoids”.

The comments from netizens under his videos are mostly positive. “I was called a son of Satan or sold to the labs for my video on vaccines, he smiled. Some also take the opportunity to sell their miracle therapies. »

Committed against fake medical news (within an anti-“FakeMed” association), he devoted his thesis to the information on asthma circulating on YouTube, pointing to a number ” impressive “ false remedies (foot baths, food supplements, etc.). “I’m not against unconventional medicine, I’ve actually trained in hypnosis, but I need proof that it works”he comments.

Later, he does not imagine ” truly not “ as a doctor “people” like Michel Cymes, but he hopes his videos will grow. He has plenty to take care of: after about forty subjects covered, he already has about sixty others in mind…


His inspiration. The taste for popularization, the desire to “stay at the forefront”

As far back as he can remember, Corentin Lacroix has always been “a bit geeky”. At school, he was the first student to have a computer at home, in 1995. Today, he draws his inspiration from great scientific YouTubers: David Louapre and his quantum physics videos (ScienceEtonnante), the E -think, Counter Science or Dirty Biology. For his medical practice, his father remains his first reference. By his concern to take the time to listen to patients but also his permanent desire to update himself. “He always wanted to stay on the cutting edge. » far from knowing who refuse to question themselves», the famous “mandarins”, true counter-models of Corentin Lacroix.


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