Controversy in top-class sport! First associations against the start of transsexuals

More and more men who identify as women are switching to women’s sports – and not infrequently breaking records there. Since then there has been a heated argument in top-class sport: should trans women be banned from joining a women’s team?

Associations, experts and politicians speak at BILD.

A spokesman for the Federal Professional Association for Kickboxing (WAKO Germany) to BILD: “The fact is that the structure of muscles and bones is always favored in a genetic male. In duels, the harm to women can be significant. For these reasons we refrain from such launches.”

The “Association of German Cyclists”: “We certainly see the problem of testosterone-controlled muscle building at a young age and the resulting performance advantages.”

Sports physician Prof. Jürgen Steinacker (University of Ulm): “On average, men have a clear advantage.”

CDU interior expert Marc Henrichmann (45): “Sport shows at the latest: The question of gender is not always something highly personal. In many areas of society, objective criteria are needed for gender entry. Otherwise the supposed fight against discrimination will turn into disadvantage, especially for women.”

What does the IOC say?

IOC spokesman Christian Klaue: “The aim is not to abolish the categories of women and say: trans women are always there without ifs and buts. Rather, we have to look at the situation in the individual sports, disciplines and in some cases the individual events from an objective point of view. It is important to define what constitutes a disproportionate competitive advantage or a security risk.”


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