Contract poker with Gladbach: That’s why Ginter only decides AFTER the EM

Actually, Gladbach manager Max Eberl (47) always strives to provide his coach with a ready-made squad at the beginning of the season preparation. This time, however, some important decisions will drag on. Even after the European Championship (final on July 11th). This also includes contract poker with world champion Matthias Ginter (27).

BILD names the backgrounds!

On the one hand, Eberl assumes that the entire transfer market will only start rolling late this time. “The problems due to Corona are on the table, there is also 200 million euros less money from the TV contract for the league. Something is coming towards us now, “said Eberl. And further:” Many clubs will only be able to act if, for example, the clubs from the Premier League get the market up and running. “

This also applies to Ginter. The only thing that is clear is that the defense chief is not going into the next season with his contract that expires in 2022. With a market value of 35 million euros (, the international is interesting for Tottenham (has already made an offer for him) and Liverpool FC. Inter Milan is also interested in Ginter. Leipzig Leverkusen are looking for new defensive aces in the Bundesliga, but Bayer are not looking for this price range.

What does Ginter want himself? Above all, there is still time to think about it!

BILD knows: He has NOT gotten closer to Gladbach in the past few weeks. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that Ginter would only stay with one qualification for Europe.

He can even imagine signing a long-term contract – but at the same time he is also sounding out the supply situation. And that includes the EM as a big stage for him!


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