Compulsory health pass in restaurants: “We deprive ourselves of two out of three customers”

From the beginning of August, all clients will need to be vaccinated or test negative. But the implementation of the device worries among restaurateurs.

It will now be necessary to show a white paw, even in restaurants. Until then reserved mainly for nightclubs, the sanitary pass will be widely extended as the summer progresses.

It will first be compulsory in the “Places of leisure and culture” more than 50 people from July 21 for all over 12 years old, as Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday. A new step will be taken at the beginning of August since the precious sesame – a vaccination certificate or a negative screening test result – will have to be shown in order to be able to take the train, the plane but also to go to bars and restaurants. . The latter also take a dim view of this new constraint which may prevent some customers from having lunch or dinner at their tables.

For the health pass to be activated, you have to wait two weeks after the second injection, or have performed a covid test and it turns out to be negative. “We do not see our fellow citizens going to be tested before going to have a drink in a bar or a meal in a restaurant”, pointe Franck Trouet, general delegate of the national group of independents Paris (GNI) – Île-de-France.

“Delicate to ask the customer for their health pass”

If the professionals of the sector prefer this new measure to yet another closure, points remain to be clarified after the announcement of the President of the Republic on Monday, in particular the establishment of the device. “We understand the Covid crisis that exists in France but it will be very complicated to introduce the health pass because we are neither police, nor gendarmes, nor bouncers like in nightclubs, we do not have any. It will therefore be difficult to ask customers to show their health pass ”, explains Franck Delvau, president of the Union des trades et des industries de l’hôtellerie (Umih) Île-de-France, who is worried about possible overflows with clients who are resistant to vaccination or to the health pass system.

“Given the number of people vaccinated in France, one in three, we deprive ourselves of two potential customers”, he adds. What if a group shows up and one of those present is not vaccinated? What about families whose youngest will not have completed the vaccination process at the beginning of August? For the Umih as for the GNI, the implementation of the health pass in their catering establishments risks reducing attendance and therefore their finances, which are already severely impacted by the health and economic crisis. Aid must therefore continue, they hammer home. “The president did not speak about it but we must review the economic conditions because the establishment of the health pass at least in August coincides with the reduction of the solidarity fund and partial unemployment”, points Franck Delvau who asks the government to maintain the two devices at their highest level even at the start of the school year, “Otherwise there will be a lot of bankruptcy filings”. “When we negotiated with Bruno Le Maire the degression of aid, at the time we had known parameters concerning the reopening schedule. But this financial support plan is no longer up to date since the president’s announcement today ”, abounds Franck Trouet who also awaits the executive “Guarantees”.

Compulsory vaccination for employees?

The GNI General Delegate points to another question raised by the introduction of the health pass: what about employees? Emmanuel Macron has, in fact, declared that “Only the vaccinated and those tested negative will be able to access these places (those for which a health pass must be presented) whether they are customers, users or employees ”. According to article L.3111-4 of the Public Health Code, it is up to the Ministry of Health, after consulting the High Authority for Health (HAS), to decide whether or not to ” professional vaccination. French companies cannot therefore require their employees or candidates for employment to be vaccinated. And if so, “What would be the consequences for the employee and what would be his compensation”, asks Franck Trouet. In the case of caregivers whose vaccination will be compulsory from September 15, they “Will no longer be able to work and will no longer be paid” if they have not received the precious doses, said Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health.

Franck Trouet also points to the lack of manpower from which his sector suffers and which could worsen a little more in the event of compulsory vaccination for all employees. The GNI planned as of this Monday evening to ask Bercy for an appointment at the first hour the next day to try to clarify the gray areas surrounding the health pass which has not finished talking about him.


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