Companies in search of lost motivation

DECRYPTION – After the crisis, employers engage in “decompression” programs to strengthen ties within teams.

In the office, the crisis has left its mark. “The employees are tired, they have taken a slightly different pace in eighteen months. They sometimes find it difficult to return to another work organization, they can no longer put up with useless meetings, the instability of decisions, the excessive control of managers ”, notes Benoît Serre, vice-president of the National Association of HRDs.

Some think of changing their life, others simply… of an employer. HRDs see the danger. “When employees disengage, performance suffers», Summarizes Benoît Cornu, of the Just consulting firm. Many companies are therefore implementing actions to re-motivate the troops and strengthen their attachment.

“Dare to trust”

This implies an evolution of local management. It is necessary “Trust, leave autonomy and responsibilities to employees”, observes Lætitia Villedieu, head of social communication and HR animation at EDF. With the electrician, within the pilot teams who

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