Comment: Bavaria’s stupidity creates a moral dilemma

The fact is: SC Freiburg has every right to lodge a protest against the match rating of the 1:4 against Bayern. And since Bayern are too stupid to substitute properly, they shouldn’t complain either.

But it is also a fact: The unwanted, irregular substitution and the 20 seconds with 12 men at a score of 3:1 in the 86th minute had no effect on the outcome of the game.

It’s a difficult decision for Freiburg. Bayern’s stupidity has thrown them into this moral dilemma they didn’t ask for.

To put it bluntly, they have to choose between the multi-million dollar Champions League qualification and fair play!

Three points on the green table could mean participation in the premier class at the end of the season. But would that feel just as good as making it athletic?

It may be that BVB’s defeat against Leipzig makes it easier for Freiburg to lodge a protest because they don’t play a decisive role in the championship fight.

They will now think about this in the club.

Without thinking twice, Freiburg’s Grifo immediately signaled after an alleged foul against Frankfurt this season that it wasn’t a penalty. In the 55th minute the score was 0:2. A penalty could have turned the tide.

These are the moments that make sport something special in our society. Just as it is natural to play the ball wide when an opponent is down injured.

It’s not in the rules, but it’s in the spirit of the sport. That’s fair play.

Again: It is Freiburg’s right to lodge a protest after Bayern-Bock. It wouldn’t feel right in this case.


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