Colleagues visit Tran Canh Don

Ho Chi Minh CityActors Kieu Trinh, Ly Hung, singer Phuong Thanh… bid farewell to director Tran Canh Don, at Vinh Nghiem pagoda.

On the evening of October 22, actress Kieu Trinh, brothers Ly Hung – Ly Huong, Quach Ngoc Ngoan … came to burn incense and offer condolences.

Actress Kieu Trinh was touched when his wife – Kim Loan – said that the whole family was psychologically prepared for the loss because he had an underlying liver disease. He hid his illness and didn’t want people to worry. Kim Loan said: “I think he passed away peacefully without a single regret.”

Ly Hung and his sister Ly Huong visited elder Tran Canh Don on the evening of October 22 at Vinh Nghiem pagoda. Photo: Character provided

Visiting late at night on October 22, after organizing the first anniversary of his father – artist Ly Huynh, Ly Hung said that the late director was one of his colleagues who had been with him since the beginning of his career. The two collaborate for the first time in a movie Gem in the stone, he co-starred Viet Trinh, Ly Thu Thao. At the time of receiving the script, Ly Hung hesitated because he had never played a villain – a rich, elegant but rude guy. Tran Canh Don convinces the role can help him make a mark in his career. After the broadcast, with Viet Trinh – the role of soldier Oanh, Ly Hung was sought by many directors, becoming an A-list name of the film industry in the 1990s.

The actor remembers his seniors in discipline and strictness with the profession. When choosing Ly Hung to act in a drama White Dollar (2005) after his eight-year absence, the late director forced him to lose weight from 82 kg to 70 kg to play Captain Nguyen Truc. Ly Hung said: “He is very hot-tempered on set, ready to scold his closest actor, but everyone understands that he wants the work to be round, so he does not blame him. In real life, he is very calm and gentle with his colleagues. Karma”.

Phuong Thanh said she had a chance to work with the late director in the movie Dear Osin, (2014). She plays the role of Tu Cuu Huyen – a woman with bad words but good heart. Tran Canh Don and her sister had many meetings to discuss the character. When she saw that he devoted a lot of effort to this supporting role, she also invested in making 40 sets of ba ba and 6 ao dai. The singer said: “When he saw that I bought a whole set of real gold to wear on my body to highlight the character’s mercurial personality, Mr. Don was satisfied and praised me forever for loving the role.” Knowing the late director’s temper, on the set, she often provoked him to create a happy atmosphere.

* Tran Canh Don spent a lifetime looking for ‘jewels in the rock’

Excerpt from the movie "Lonely Star" - Tran Canh Don

Excerpt from the movie “Lonely Star” – directed by Tran Canh Don in 1992. Video:Youtube Movies or movies in Vietnam

Director Tran Canh Don suddenly died at home from a heart attack at the age of 62, on the evening of October 21. He is one of the veteran directors of the southern film industry, having succeeded with a number of market-oriented films – when the genre returned after 1975. He is famous for his debut work. Gem in the stone (1991)Adapted from a novel by writer Nguyen Dong Thuc, The last part in Bangkok, Poor goalkeeper, When people are young, The circle of sin…

He once discovered and helped expensive actors only after appearing in a movie such as: Viet Trinh, Phuong Thao, Ngoc Thuy, Quynh Giao, Viet Quang… In 2006, Tran Canh Don made his mark through the film. TV White Dollar. He used to make MVs of famous singers such as: Lam Truong, Dan Truong, Cam Ly… The director won the B Award for the movie Video Story of the Vietnam Cinema Association 1999 – film Crime, gNational Television Film Silver Award with Movie Last Sin, Silver Lotus Award at Vietnam Film Festival – film Poor goalkeeper.

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