Colleagues bid farewell to artist Hoang Lan

Ho Chi Minh CityTrinh Kim Chi, Phi Phung … bid farewell to artist Hoang Lan at a simple funeral, on the morning of February 6.

The pilgrimage took place at the Artist Pagoda, Go Vap District. Around 6 a.m., the hearse brought the artist’s coffin to Binh Hung Hoa for cremation. After the post-mortem is completed, her ashes will be deposited at the Artist Temple.

The farewell ceremony of artist Hoang Lan on the morning of February 6. Video: Nguyen Khanh

Because she had no children, some acquaintances and colleagues held a visitation ceremony for half a day – from noon on February 5, before leaving the office. Mrs. Le Thi Tham – sister, who took care of Hoang Lan in the last days of her life – said that the farewell ceremony was organized simply and quickly because most of the late artist’s relatives were far away from the province and could not come to visit in time. .

Some colleagues came to say goodbye to Hoang Lan in the last hour. Trinh Kim Chi – Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh City Theater Association – teared up when looking at the artist’s photo. The photo shows Hoang Lan in her middle age, when she reached the peak of her career in the 1990s with the familiar lion mane hair.

Once standing up to call for Hoang Lan to heal, Trinh Kim Chi loved the actor and kept the will to live until the end of his life. On the days when she visited her grandmother in a rented house in an apartment building in District 11, even though she was bedridden, the actress still smiled and tried to stay calm so her colleagues would be less worried. She often revisits the memories of a time when she stormed the small screen through the movies she played. Kim Chi said: “I often encourage her to try to overcome her illness, even though she knows miracles are unlikely. Later on, her condition became severe, her limbs constricted, and it was difficult to move …”.

According to the actor, before Hoang Lan died, the amount of money donated by benefactors for her was still there. The artist told the family to use that money to take care of the afterlife, to give 49 days and 100 days to her, the rest to be shared with actors with similar difficult circumstances. Relatives also asked for an exemption from accepting cigarettes at the funeral according to Hoang Lan’s will.

Many artists sent Hoang Lan off from afar because they could not visit in time. My Uyen remembers in the 1990s, when she just graduated from the School of Theater and Cinema, she was fortunate to co-star with Hoang Lan in many television plays by director The Ngu. She said: “At that time, I saw that she called the director ‘brother’, so innocently, by default, she had to call him ‘she’. Acting with Hoang Lan, My Uyen was trained in role-playing skills, becoming more confident and mature on stage. Every time she was scolded by her seniors and seniors, the late actress often defended her: “She’s still new, we have to lift them”.

Artist Hoang Lan (1959 - 2022).  Photo: Thanh Hiep

Artist Hoang Lan (1959 – 2022). Photo: Thanh Hiep

My Uyen forever engraved the image of Hoang Lan’s heyday. At that time, she was always radiant, with decent make-up, fashion style, which was outstanding from a distance. “Her fortune on stage plays, TV series left many marks. I think she was also satisfied when she passed away and believes that, if there is an afterlife, she will still be an artist.”

Dam Vinh Hung is a fan of Hoang Lan, especially in the series In the house on the street. The singer loved the roles of the late artist in the way she instilled in the character the excitement, a little carelessness – a personality trait more or less similar to Hoang Lan in real life. Later, because of illness and difficult life, Hoang Lan’s face changed a lot. However, with Hoang Lan, the love of acting, the nostalgia for the stage – the audience is always watching inside. The singer said, “When I talked to seniors about the roles in the past, the artist’s eyes lit up and enthusiastically talked about the profession.”

Hoang Lan was born in 1959 in the West. She became an actress in the theater troupe Kowloon River when she was 16-17 years old. After many years of working on stages, Hoang Lan joined the program In the house on the street in the early 1990s. She left her mark with a series of roles such as Two Rainy Sun, Lan Xi-Po… Hoang Lan’s name is associated with villains such as directors, prison restaurant owners, moms… Once, the lion’s mane hair became the “brand” of Hoang Lan. In the 2000s, she continued to be famous for films Beautiful secretary (2000), Solar port (2010)…

Hoang Lan in "In the house on the street"

Hoang Lan in “Indoors on the street”, with Duy Phuong, Kieu Mai Ly… Video: HTV

After the movie Solar portIn addition to Parkinson’s disease, she suffered from a long-term spinal injury, moved in a wheelchair, and her right eye was completely damaged.. Many times, when she ran out of money for medical treatment, she was helped by artists. She passed away late on February 4 at a rented apartment in District 11, at the age of 63.

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