Cold logistics worries about soaring energy prices

Describing the government’s announcements as a “positive but timid sign”, the sector calls for consultation that takes into account the specificities of the sector.

Cold logistics companies were alarmed on Friday at the impact of soaring energy prices, seeing in the government’s resilience plan “a positive but timid signand calling for consultation that takes into account the specificities of the sector.

We fear business failures that would undermine the entire food supply system in France“, indicated in a press release Valérie Lasserre, general delegate of The Cold Chain Logistics. For refrigerated trucks, fuels – GNR for the refrigeration unit, diesel for the thermal engine – represent the main item of expenditure, with at least 25% of the expenses, while electricity represents 10% of the expenses on the storage platforms , according to the organization.

In addition to the double motorization of vehicles, for traction and cold production, just-in-time work is exacerbated by the perishable nature of the products transported, mostly foodstuffs and health products, she noted.

“Positive sign but shy”

Valérie Lasserre described as “positive sign but shy“the announcements of support from Prime Minister Jean Castex, Wednesday, waiting to”learn about the terms of implementation“. She calls for anational consultation“, who “(takes) into account the specificities of refrigeration professions“. The Cold Logistics Chain brings together the National Union of Refrigerated Transport (UNTF), the National Union of Refrigerated Operations (USNEF) and Transfrigoroute France, employing 50,000 employees and running nearly 100,000 refrigerated trucks, according to the press release.

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