Close to the stadium – color attack on Union’s cult bar

The Berlin derby will not take place until November 20th. But a cowardly attack on Union is already causing a stir – and that in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. On Sunday night, strangers smeared Union’s fan bar “Abseitsfalle”, one of their drinks carts and another building with blue lines, the Hertha flag and Hertha logo.

“Offside traps” owner Michael Frank (58) is served and tries to take the color attack with gallows humor: “If you can’t score, you just make lines.” Frank doesn’t have to endure this graffiti for the first time: “The last time there was it was a year ago on the other side of the house wall. “

Since 1997 the “offside trap” has been the Union’s cult pub. It goes without saying that the fans won’t put up with the attack on their bar. Members of the Union Ultras from the “Wuhlesyndikat” took up color themselves. They painted over a Hertha flag on the facade with the red and white Union colors. Frank: “The Ultras made a makeshift repair.”

The same applies to a building on the forest path to the Alte Försterei. There the Unioners tried to remove the Hertha logo from a mural. The buildings belong to the Treptow-Köpenick District Office. Frank: “I was told that they will probably file a complaint.” The further attack on the “offside trap” happened in 2013. At that time, windows were damaged. Now the color stroke.


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