Chow Tinh Tri’s daily life

Hong Kong’s “comedy king” Chow often eats at cheap restaurants and travels by bicycle, according to his associates.

In the livestream program on June 23, Lu Tuan – the author who has written books about Chow Tinh Tri – and film critic Ly Tieu Phi told the current life of the 60-year-old artist. Lu Tuan said that many times when he worked with an actor, he realized that the actor’s character was sloppy and not meticulous. He likes to eat at small stalls, including shacks, sloppy shops.

Fans caught Chau Tinh Tri in real life. Image: Singchi

Chow mainly lives in Hong Kong and Beijing, China, often preferring to travel by bicycle. Every time he works, the actor only carries a backpack to the airport. He did not ask for an assistant to accompany him, nor did he need a shuttle. Lu Tuan said that Chau Tinh Tri did not bother to sit in a luxury or cheap car. When he was young, the actor had an interest in playing luxury cars and collecting antique cars, but over the years he often took the bus, leaving his antique cars for his associates to freely use.

Artists rarely invest in costumes and appearance. He faithfully wears long, undyed hair. On page OnChau Tinh Tri’s mother – Mrs. Lang Bao Nhi – once said that her son dresses simply: “I see that my son only has a few sports shirts, worn over and over again. Tinh Tri is not the type of person who wishes to enjoy, Boys just love the food I cook.”

Fans combine Chow Tinh Tri's dances

Chow Sing Chi’s dance in comedies. Video: Bilibili

Casual in everyday life, but at work, Chau Tinh Tri has high requirements for himself. According to Bruce Lee, the movie Mermaid 2 The director closed the film in 2018 but because he was not satisfied, Chau Tinh Tri forced the crew to return. In 2021, the crew filmed for nearly two more months in Shenzhen, China. The work is currently in post-production.

He was diligent in observing and finding inspiration for filmmaking. Chow’s habit at home is to take the camera everywhere. Lu Tuan revealed that the actor told him he had captured “unidentified flying objects” while standing on the balcony. Tinh Tri believes there are aliens living in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

In the past three years, Chow has completed at least three screenplays, including Tai Chi, Ultimate kung fu 2 and a scenario about modern life.

Chow often wears T-shirts and hats on set.  Photo: Singchi

Chow often wears T-shirts and hats on set. Image: Singchi

The actor turned 60 on June 22. He grew up in the slums of Hong Kong, joined TVB in 1981, initially playing unknown roles, appearing only a few seconds in the film. In 1989, Chow’s career turned page with the main role in The chivalrous stance. In the 1990s, he starred in a series of comedies that resonated in Asia, such as Holy Cards, Mighty Dragon School, Ba Ho Street, Thu Huong… After Super Magic Dog (2008), Chow stopped acting, focusing on being a director and producer.

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