Choose your price: the surprising offer of the brand for teens Dont ‘call me Jennyfer

The ready-to-wear brand is launching an innovative pre-entry marketing campaign this Tuesday: for one product, three prices to choose from.

“You don’t choose your teachers but you choose your price!” sale of the fashion brand in its new campaign. Don’t call me Jennyfer is launching this Tuesday, August 17, and until August 25, a brand new special back-to-school offer. The concept is simple: customers can choose the price.

On a selection of 100 products, the brand offers them to pay the desired price. For trendy cotton jogging, you can pay € 9.99, € 14.99 or the highest price, € 19.99. “At this price for sure we offer you good karma!Says the label. For those who prefer to save money, the brand still opts for humor, “at this price we hope in the month that you follow us!“(On social networks, Editor’s note).

But what is the brand’s objective? If the operation “Choose your price” is surprising, for Jean-Philippe Evrot, the director of the brand, it is more about creating engagement with the young community: “We are not the most fashionable brand, but we want to be the most complicit with our target, the 10-19 year olds we call Generation Z“. For the brand, “the start of the school year is a very important moment for middle and high school students, a highlight that has repercussions on the increase in demand in stores“.

The brand director also justifies the choice of this innovative campaign and its low prices by the need to respond to customers “very young and with few means“. Indeed, according to Jean-Philippe Evrot, “90% of people are likely to choose the lower price“But the important thing lies more in the interaction with a community”who looks for the difference“.

“In search of a smart choice”

For Catherine Madrid, teacher-researcher at the University of Bordeaux where she also teaches marketing at the IUT Techniques de commercialization, Don’t call me Jennyfer’s bet with this new campaign is “an innovative and strong marketing choice“. The researcher sees several advantages in this, on the one hand for the consumer “looking for a smart choice“, Which will perhaps go towards the lowest price but which”will appreciate being given the opportunity to participate“. The brand could thus attract new customers who were until then “hesitant“. The teacher-researcher recalls that in theory, “the price is the monetary value that we agree to pay in exchange for what it brings us“. Thanks to the choice of the final price granted to customers, “the brand could possibly identify the value that consumers place on their products“.

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Régine Vanheems, co-founder of the Connected Commerce Observatory and consultant, also sees this strategy as an interesting way to respond to consumer trends: “The choice of the price for the client is both an unprecedented opportunity to surprise, to create commitment and exchange on social networks»She underlines, recalling that« theshopping is a favorite topic for Generation Z“. Data that the brand takes into account more than ever.

The arrival of CEO Sébastien Bismuth in 2018, after several years at the head of the lingerie brand Undiz, led to a wave of changes, starting with the name. On the tone of self-mockery, the brand first decided to play with the aging image of its former name Jennyfer, to become Don’t call me Jennyfer before investing in social networks as the main medium to reach “dare fans more than clientsAccording to the brand director.

The brand has chosen to work with influencers, these personalities very followed by young people on social networks, such as the youtuber Léna Situations and launched Break Média on the social network Tik Tok, a magazine to inform and entertain that already brings together nearly 200,000 subscribers. This time, no question of price, the brand has found a way to communicate directly with Generation Z.


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