Chocolate / Côtes-du-Rhône diet or chitosan seeds? The new (bad) methods to lose weight

It is almost scientifically proven: confinement has had a significant effect on the weight of the French: + 1.8 kg in just over two months, ensures the study of the Research Team in Nutritional Epidemiology (Eren), unveiled in June.

Nothing dramatic, especially in view of the health crisis itself, but the figure attracted the attention of the editorial staff of “60 Million consumers”: “En seeing this, we said to ourselves that people were going to be tempted to embark on more or less bogus diets… and that we would have to sound the alarm. Not right away, but once the summer is over, it’s conducive to the joy of reunion and aperitifs with friends. Hence this back-to-school issue on a theme unusual in this period ”, explains Sylvie Metzelard, the editor-in-chief.

“With confinement, the meal routine is more necessary than ever”

Result, a special back to school very detailed – “the Truth about diets” – which reviews everything that the literature, pharmacopoeia or the shelves of our supermarkets rely on the subject. Often for the worse: “High protein but low calorie diets, scientific untruths on the so-called meat diet of prehistoric men, food supplements whose effectiveness no serious study has ever proven … With the help of nutritionists, researchers, doctors, we have wanted to take all the trendy stuff apart and explain why it doesn’t work. “

Anthology of aberrations identified by “60 Million consumers”:

  • Chocolate / Côtes-du-Rhône: the Sirtfood diet

The approximately 45 kilos lost during the summer by the singer Adele may have escaped you, but not Sylvie Metzelard. It is even the abundance of photos, speculations in the women’s or celebrity press and the nature of the comments about him on social networks that gave him the idea for this special diet issue.

The secret of the beautiful Adele? According to the “Sun”, she would have followed for four years the “Sirtfood diet”, a diet which basically consists of consuming only about twenty super foods considered as fat burners: citrus fruits, turmeric, olive oil, blueberries, nuts, onions, apples, arugula, buckwheat, soy, coffee, dark chocolate and… red wine.

The problem, warns the magazine – which devotes an entire chapter of the issue to demonstrate, with the support of scientists, that ” there are no diets without imbalance ” – is that this is an ultra-restrictive and ultra-fast diet, which always induces a regain of weight: this famous yoyo effect denounced by all dietetics specialists. To flee therefore.

  • 100% liquid: the Master Cleanse diet

The imagination when it comes to dieting seems limitless. For those who had stuck with the Dukan diet (the famous doctor is now struck off the Order) and its abundance of proteins, know that the monomaniac diet has not disappeared from the radar. She might even reach her climax with this Master Cleanse diet that consists of removing all solid foods from her diet. Foods replaced by drinks with miracle recipes (which we will avoid giving in these pages), liquids with purging effect (we say “detox”, but that’s what we’re talking about). No scientific basis, serious deficiencies, yoyo effect… The magazine’s diagnosis is final.

The photo of Adele, 45 kilos thin, ignited social networks this summer. The singer would have adhered to the Sirtfood diet. (INSTAGRAM / @adele)

A pearl that this diet based on a possible slimming memory. Conscientious, the journalist of “60 Millions de consommateurs” deciphers the complex mechanism which is based on learned calculations linked to caloric, enzymatic and insulin indexes. And in the end, discovers that the aspirant to thinness is invited to consume … more vegetables and less sugar. Food wisdom that did not deserve so much effort …

  • Chitosan or guarana seed? The new slimming pills

We knew about guarana, this red-flowered shrub from the Amazon, whose seeds have stimulating and apparently fat-burner effects. But the latest trend is chitosan: a substance believed to “Capture the fat” (outright), but which requires a certain personal investment: the substance is made from the shells of insects and crustaceans …

“Stop the nutritional tyranny! “

Whatever the recipe, Doctor Jacques Fricker, who collaborated with “60 Millions de consommateurs”, is final: “ Don’t wait for a miracle. Compared to a placebo, the increase in energy expenditure is only of the order of a few percent. ” As with most of the capsules observed.

  • Full fasting and rounds of golf: the Buchinger method for billionaires

Ah fasting and its variants: semi-fasting, integral fasting, seasonal fasting, hiking fasting… The magazine scrutinizes the latest trends in terms of… deprivation, therefore. We will remember the very astonishing “alternate-day fasting” which consists of alternating a day of diet (- 500 kcal) and a day of celebration (pizza evening atmosphere). In vogue in the United States, intermittent fasting has gained notoriety (and credibility) thanks to a rather positive scientific study. But beware: on closer inspection, other researchers are much more cautious.

” Magnificent ! You empty yourself! »I tried fasting

Another example pointed out by the magazine, the program of a luxurious German clinic for billionaires, the Buchinger method, combining total fasting (?), Rounds of golf and lectures on spirituality, leaves you dreaming. As is the list of dangers to which practitioners are exposed.

Scientific analyzes, analyzes and practical advice are to be found in this formidable special edition of “60 Million consumers”.

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