Childless marriage of actor Doan Chi Binh

Hong KongTran Khai Thai – played Doan Chi Binh in “The Condor Heroes” – and his wife agreed not to have children.

Tran Khai Thai has been married to piano teacher Tran Y Hang for 23 years. Follow HK01, he is faithful, never entangled in love rumors despite collaborating with many beauties.

On Channel RTHK In August, actor Giang My Nghi revealed that Khai Thai loves his wife. When recording a program about food with him, My Nghi discovered that every time he went to an interesting place, Tran Khai Thai called to tell Y Hang, saying he wanted to take his wife to eat. He often buys small gifts to surprise Tran Y Hang, stays at home with his wife in his spare time.

Tran Khai Thai and his wife in everyday life. Photo: HK01

The 57-year-old actor said that he and his wife like dogs and take their pets for a walk in their free time. The two complement each other in character. Tran Y Hang is an extrovert and good at communicating, while he is an introvert and can only talk to close friends. However, the two have many things in common such as not liking luxury goods, not attaching too much importance to material things. 90% of Tran Khai Thai’s clothes are popular.

Both like young children but are afraid of not being able to raise them well. Therefore, before getting married, they agreed not to have children. The actor disagreed with the idea that it is necessary to have children, a new couple to be strong and connected. Above Sina, he said husband and wife understand each other, triu often lost. “As long as my wife is happy, I’m satisfied. So is she,” Tran Khai Thai said.

Tran Khai Thai at the event 2020. Photo: HK01

Tran Khai Thai at the event 2020. Photo: HK01

The actor did not want to get married, feeling that marriage was just a formality. Because Tran Y Hang liked it, he did the marriage procedure. The actor was surprised because after becoming husband and wife, he was more attached to his wife, his feelings for her were deeper. Husband and wife trust each other, Tran Y Hang is assured when he works away from home for many months.

The actor said that in this life, he could not find anyone better than his wife. The biggest thing that marriage gives him is mental stability, so he finds life happier from being married. Both keep their romance thanks to their passion for music. He was inspired to compose music when he heard his wife’s piano sound.

Childless marriage of actor Doan Chi Binh

Tran Khai Thai (wearing blue) in “The Condor Heroes”, co-starring with Co Thien Lac, Ly Nhuoc Dong. Video: TVB

Tran Khai Thai grew up in a well-to-do family, studied Economics in Canada at university. In 1984, he returned to Hong Kong to work at a bank. Seeing that his job was boring, he resigned and joined the entertainment industry in 1990.

Tran Khai Thai acted in many TVB movies such as 2 . Steel Proof, God Condor 1995 (as Doan Chi Binh), Nan Brotherhood, Angel Hell… Since 1998, he has been acting for ATV, receiving praises from the audience for his acting Destruction of evil, destroys ghosts, Unleash the four seas, Hiep the core of humanity… In recent years, Tran Khai Thai has played a supporting role in mainland Chinese TV series, as an MC.

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