Chiefs boss Mark Donovan: Mega promise for German NFL fans

The NFL attack on Germany – now the first American club boss speaks!

Mark Donovan, 55, is President of the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the most powerful men in the National Football League. He reveals what his club is up to in Germany – and he gives the German fans a mega promise! Namely, that the chiefs will be there for their fans and that the superstars like quarterback Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce will bring the fans soooo close!

Together with the New England Patriots, Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers, the Chiefs have secured the NFL’s marketing rights for Germany. These teams are allowed to be active on the German market from 2022 – with the aim of strengthening their own brand, making the NFL better known – and gaining even more fans!

Donovan reveals what the first things the Chiefs in Germany are planning.

  • “The first step is simply to increase the awareness of the Kansas City Chiefs in Germany, as the heart of the National Football League. Fortunately, we already have a large fan base in Germany compared to other NFL franchises. “
  • “Of course we want to enlarge the core of the fans who watch our games, who support us. Second, we want to build our activities around these fans. This happens with events for the fans, but also through increased digital activities on social media. We have to be creative there, we know that. “

We want to be there for our fans!

  • “We want to get started immediately in 2022, for example with the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, the wire. And of course we very much hope that we will get the opportunity to play in Germany! “
  • “Even if we’re not at this Germany game next year, we want to celebrate football there! We want to be there for our fans – and for all football fans in Germany! “
  • “With these actions we want to increase our value, awareness and interest. With the fans and of course also possible business partners – I’m also talking about German companies that see the opportunity to become more present on the US market. And in the Chiefs Kingdom, which is in the middle of America. “

Why Germany? For Donovan it is clear: “Our good relationship with FC Bayern Munich naturally plays a major role in our efforts. But also the enthusiasm of the German fans for football. “

The President continues: “Despite our proximity to Bavaria, our focus is not only on Munich, but on the entire German market. Of course we would be happy if the Germany game takes place in Munich, but also if the game increases in Frankfurt or Düsseldorf. “

Here’s the thing: Chiefs President Mark Donovan celebrates after winning the Super Bowl in 2019Photo: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Donovan sees these challenges in the German market, where football is so dominant:

“Of course it is easier for the fan to take a sport to their hearts when you are close, when you understand the rules, when you can be a part of it. We also want to bring the players under the helmets closer to the people. We believe that if we can do that, we will win fans! “


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