Chemnitz celebrates 50-year contract – McDonald’s video competition won

The decision has been made!

The swimming club Chemnitz von 1892 eV has won one of the longest sponsorship contracts in Germany.

The people of Chemnitz won a video competition organized by McDonald’s. With the “# 50FOR50” campaign, McDonald’s was looking for the most creative sports video with the number 50 at its center for its 50th anniversary in Germany.

The jury chairman Felix Neureuther (37): “In the end we decided in favor of SC Chemnitz because we were enthusiastic about the implementation of the task and the involvement of the members of the club.”

The motto of the Chemnitz swimmers: “We’re making waves!” The Saxons succeeded!

In addition to ski star Neureuther, Olympic track cycling champion Kristina Vogel (30), TV presenter Ruth Hofmann (35) and NFL expert Christoph Dommisch (34) were on the jury.

The winning club receives a sponsorship contract worth 100,000 euros, the 49 others are supported with prizes of 500 to 5000 euros.


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