Chelsea win in the Elfer crime thriller – Werner spoils Prince William’s evening

Timo Werner (25) disturbs the royal family peace!

The national player and coach Thomas Tuchel (48) win with Chelsea in the 3rd round of the English League Cup against Aston Villa 5: 4 nE After 90 minutes it was 1: 1 at Stamford Bridge.

The glowing Aston Villa fan Prince William (39) trembles in the stands and is shown again and again on TV.

Striking: William wears a wine-red sweater and a light blue shirt under his jacket – the colors of Aston Villa! Among other things, he sits next to the sports director of his club.

Our national striker Timo Werner (25) is spoiling his evening!

54th Minute: James crosses to national striker Werner, who is completely blank. From a few meters he nods easily to the lead – 1-0.

Then the big appearance of Villa youngster Cameron Archer (20)! Also by head, he equalizes for Villa to 1: 1 (64th).

In the penalty shootout, however, the guests fail their nerves. Young and Nakamba shoot, at Chelsea only Chilwell. And in the stands, William is angry!

Curious: William’s son George (8) is said to have become a Chelsea supporter despite his Villa sympathies.

In a BBC interview, William once stated: “I’m trying not to be too biased, I said you can support anyone except Chelsea, so of course he supports Chelsea.”

That could be bad air in the royal house …

United bankrupt without Ronaldo

Manchester United lost just three days after the league win (2-1) this time to West Ham. Superstar without Cristiano Ronaldo (36) is spared, is not in the squad.

That takes revenge! Lanzini scored the decisive goal in the 9th minute at Old Trafford and continued shooting the Hammers.


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