Chau Trac Hoa – casino employee turned entertainment tycoon

Chau Trac Hoa used to be an employee to attract gambling customers, then became an entertainment tycoon in Macau, Hong Kong.

Follow HK01 On November 28, Chau Trac Hoa and 10 suspects were arrested by Macau police for allegedly organizing transnational online gambling and money laundering. Through initial investigation, the suspects admitted to organizing online gambling overseas but refused to cooperate in investigating other allegations.

Chau Trac Hoa at the Kim Tuong Film Awards (Hong Kong) 2018. Photo: HK01

Previously, the court in Wenzhou, China approved the arrest of Zhou Zhuohua and the suspects for opening an illegal casino in the mainland. Chung Cam Luong – a spokesman for the Macau Judicial Police Department – said that Chau Zhuohua has not been sent to mainland China, the suspects will be investigated and handled according to Macau law.

Sohu thinks that Chau Trac Hoa’s background is mysterious to the media, but he has two prominent roles as a filmmaker and a gambling businessman. He has many nicknames such as “Movie tycoon”, “Asia’s new casino king”…

Chau Trac Hoa invested and produced about 65 films, including many famous works such as Ip Man 4, Chasing Long, Killing the Lang 2, Poisonous Algae 2, Hitchhiking Phi Long, The Road to Happiness… The films he produces mostly have the participation of top Hong Kong actors.

In 2015, Chau Trac Hoa founded the Macau Film Production and Culture Association and also served as the association’s president. He once said he wanted to turn Macau into a strong movie territory. As a filmmaker, Chau Trac Hoa has participated in many film award ceremonies and film festivals in Hong Kong and Macau.

Since 2016, Chau Trac Hoa has coordinated with the Macau Tourism Bureau to organize the annual International Film Festival & Awards Macau. He said that through the event, he wanted to create an environment for exchanges and cooperation between Asian and Western filmmakers, contribute to making Macau a new cultural destination, and encourage film crews to come here to film.

Chau Trac Hoa was escorted when he attended the event in Macau 2017. He was nicknamed

Chau Trac Hoa was escorted when he attended the event in Macau in 2017. He was nicknamed “Xiao Mi Hoa” because he resembles the character “Xiao Mihua” (played by Luong Si Hao) in TVB’s “City Story” in 1986. Photo: HK01

According to the sheet Beijingnews, Chau Trac Hoa was originally only in the “youngest” row in the casino business in Macau, but made a fortune by grasping the development of the Internet, applying science and technology in business, and building an online gambling network. online, thereby attracting customers.

Chau Trac Hoa entered the gambling industry in 1994, initially working as a receptionist, helping customers borrow money in exchange for gambling equipment. In 1995, Chau worked as an underling of gangster Doan Quoc Cau. When Doan was imprisoned in 1999, Chau Trac Hoa visited prison many times, gradually gaining the trust and respect of the tycoon. Chau Trac Hoa progressed through Doan Quoc Cau’s influence and relationships.

In addition to her career, Chau Trac Hoa has repeatedly attracted attention because of her private life and love relationships with the beauties of the entertainment industry. Follow Appledaily, he used to spend $ 38 million as a “breakup fee” for model Lieu Bich Le – one of his mistresses.

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