Changes will happen in these sectors including banking from August 1, will affect your pocket

Many changes are going to happen in the country from August 1, which will also affect the lives of common people. It is important to get information about these changes before you have any problems.

LPG price change

  • The price of LPG cylinder changes on the first of every month.
  • There was no change in the price of domestic cylinders in May-June.
  • In April, the price of LPG cylinder was cut by Rs 10.
  • In July, the price of cylinder was increased by Rs 25.

holiday pay

  • August 1 The National Automatic Settlement System (NACH) will be available seven days a week. Now salary, EMI, bill payment will be done everyday.
  • Presently the facility is available only during working days of banks.
  • That is, the salary will come in your account even on the day of the holiday.

penalty on tax dues

  • In case of self-assessment arrears of more than one lakh, penalty will be payable for delay in repayment.
  • This applies to professionals and companies.

India Post Payment Bank

  • August 1 The India Post Payment Bank of the Department of Posts will charge fees for banking facilities at home.
  • 20 per service plus GST for different types of services.

withdraw money from atm

  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs will become expensive from August 1.
  • ATM interchange fee will be Rs 17 instead of Rs 15, which the customer will pay.

will be expensive ICICI bank service

  • ICICI Bank will charge more for many services from August 1.
  • These rules are related to the transactions of savings accounts, ATM transactions, interchange and check books.

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