Champions League: Bayern against Messi and Neymar? Rummenigge challenges PSG!

He is back!

76 days after leaving Bayern, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (65) is back on the big football stage – at BILD LIVE!

The ex-Bayern boss (2002 to 2021 CEO) analyzed the Champions League start of the record champions in Barcelona (3-0) exclusively on BILD on TV.

The Bayern legend was enthusiastic about the performance: “You played outstandingly and deservedly won. You are in a good mood. It’s just too early for me to talk about favorites. It only really starts with the knockout phase. “

Rummenigge already has one wish: a duel between Bayern and PSG with Messi and Neymar!

He is sure that Bayern will not have to hide from the new super team from France!

Rummenigge: “I would love to see Bayern Munich play Paris Saint-Germain this season. Let’s see who leaves the field as the winner. ”Sounds like a challenge to Messi and Neymar …

Rummenigge also spoke about …

… the consequences of the first victory: “Bayern have earned a lot of respect. The team is well staffed. Barcelona are still well served with the result. There are cadres that are even broader. But Bayern are not an opponent that you like to be drawn. That was a milestone! Bavaria doesn’t have to get used to it. The gear train is running. Some of the others still have to prove themselves. “

…Barcelona: “When you’ve looked at the team and how they performed tactically. With Messi, their souls were ripped out. You are facing difficult times. “

… the farewell to Lionel Messi (34): “It was a must to sell. The Spanish league scored an own goal with it. “

… a possible Bayern commitment from Messi: “That cannot be represented, that was not an issue. You can’t think about that. The salary is at such dizzying heights. And don’t forget: it has an effect. Then the others want more too. That has resulted in Barcelona having staggering debts. “

… the 1-0 from Thomas Müller (32): “He was lucky that he was faked. An important goal at the time. With the 1-0 the Bayern dominance came to fruition. Thomas Müller is a self-motivator. He was one of the big beneficiaries of the move from Kovac to Flick. He’s a very valuable player, a little bit of the soul of the team. “

… Robert Lewandowski (33): “He’s a gate machine! He flirted with Real Madrid at the beginning. But we always said to him: You can also win the Champions League with Bayern Munich. “

… Leroy Sané (25): “He has reduced himself a bit. I think he’s happy at Bayern Munich now too. He shows consistently good performance. “

… the speed of Alphonso Davies (20): “It has a top speed of almost 38 km / h. Technically, he can still improve a bit. “

… the commitment of Dayot Upamecano (22), who came from Leipzig for 42.5 million euros: “A very important transfer, a win for Bavaria. He is fast, aggressive and physically awesome. A really successful transfer. “

… the upcoming extension with Leon Goretzka (26): “I think he’s a very good and important player for Bayern Munich. Both parties would be very well advised to stay together. “

… his successor Oliver Kahn (52): “His job was to lead FC Bayern into a new decade. And I noticed that he is now slowly scratching his hooves. I then decided to hand over the baton earlier. He’s the boss now. “

… Bundesliga front runner Wolfsburg with Mark van Bommel (44): “He has always been a tactician and, in addition to the great playing career that he had, he has had a tactical coaching education in Holland. One has to wait and see. I believe that if FC Bayern continues to play like this, VfL Wolfsburg will not be able to stop them from reaching the top of the table. “

… the quarrel between Bavaria and Dortmund: “Football lives a little from teasing. It is proof that Bayern sees Dortmund as a competitor for the championship. You also want to stimulate a bit. “

… Erling Haaland (21) as a possible newcomer to Bayern: “With Lewandowski you have the best center forward in the world. Haaland is the second best. I think Bayern is interested in Robert staying after his contract expires in 2023. Haaland is an investment. I don’t think he’s going to Liverpool. I know the owner very well and he is not known for opening the box in particular. At Haaland, I wouldn’t rule Real out either. Maybe they’ll open the box a little more in the summer and possibly get Haaland and Kylian Mbappé. “

… the idea of ​​Fifa and Arsène Wenger (71) to host the World Cup every two years: “I’m not a fan of inflationary developments. What we urgently need is a rationalization of the football calendar. It’s too full! From Uefa we have a Nations League that didn’t exist before. A European Championship with more teams and a World Championship with more teams. We may need to break the calendar up into blocks. We need more quality. You have to discuss it unemotionally and then find a solution. “

… the return of Cristiano Ronaldo (36) to Manchester: “He’s a phenomenon! He is 36 years old and has been playing at the same level for 20 years. He’s got an upper body like Adonis. I can remember one scene when I was in Turin. Suddenly he was standing behind a door with his hands up. I asked: ‘What are you doing there?’ And he said: ‘I’m practicing my next goal celebration …’ “

… Bayern’s final bankruptcy in 1999 in the Nou Camp against Manchester United: “It was practically a drama that we experienced there. Pele sat in front of me. He turned around and asked: ‘How much longer is it?’ He wanted to congratulate me. I just said, ‘Wait a minute …’ It’s a crazy game. You either break down afterwards or pull yourself up. The team got together and won the Champions League two years later. “

… the BILD grades during his active time: “Woe, the BILD reporter gave us a bad grade. He got stressed on Monday. It was of a certain importance to every player. “


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