‘Century next 2’ actors get married for the second time

Hong KongTran Vy, a TVB actor who played “Century next 2”, walked again with Dr. Tran Quoc Cuong.

Follow Mingpao, when attending the event on November 15, Tran Vy said that he was preparing for the wedding, which is expected to be held in April 2022. She accepted Tran Quoc Cuong’s marriage proposal in November.

Tran Quoc Cuong gave a diamond ring to Tran Vy when he proposed in November. Photo: HK01

Tran Vy said that she and her fiancé had both broken up their marriage once, so they both learned to appreciate each other. After divorcing her ex-husband, she went through a period of sadness, buried in work to forget the pain. Since meeting Tran Quoc Cuong, she has been motivated to build a family. Tran Vy commented that Tran Quoc Cuong is not romantic but delicate, caring about her feelings.

Tran Vy’s first husband is Nghiem Chi Hanh, a wealthy Taiwanese businessman. She got married in 2008, divorced after four years of marriage. Above HK01After getting married, Nghiem Chi Hanh was busy with work and she quit her job and stayed at home as a housewife, sometimes feeling that she was just a household item. Since the divorce, her relationship with her ex-husband has improved, who are now friends.

Tran Vy in the movie "Zodiac Sign 2"

Tran Vy in the movie “Century next 2”. Video: TVB

Tran Vy is 48 years old, won the crown of Miss Asia in 2996, then acted in TVB movies. She participated in many works such as Zodiac Sign 2 (as Princess Thai Binh), Chasing Dharma hammock, Civil war 2, Apostle of the Practitioner 2, Proof of Steel 4

Nghinh Xuan (follow Mingpao, HK01)


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