Catwalk nearly 400 m by the beach of Do Manh Cuong

Do Manh Cuong took six months to prepare the show with a 380m long runway on the beach.

Do Manh Cuong and nine children opened the fashion show on June 26. Video: Movie Tran

The Spring Summer 2022 fashion show taking place on the afternoon of June 26 continues to show that Do Manh Cuong is the designer of elaborately staged catwalks. It took him nearly a year to conceive the idea for the collection and choose the location, the staging, and the design. Designer and partner Pham Huy Can want to realize their ideas to make their next show more attractive than the previous one.

With a collection inspired by nature and the ocean, he chose Vinh Hy – one of the four most beautiful bays in Vietnam. The location is located in Nui Chua national forest, there are many obstacles in terrain, climate and many principles to ensure the safety and integrity of the heritage – a challenge Do Manh Cuong has not met in previous shows.

Do Manh Cuong’s previous outdoor shows like La vie en Rose in the US, Spring Summer 2018 on the golf course in Hue, Back to Nature on the Sydney Harbor Bridge… are not doing catwalks. In this show, the designer was forced to build a catwalk due to the quicksand terrain. To avoid harming the naturalness of the area according to local regulations, he chose eco-friendly wood materials. The 380 m runway winding along the sandy hillside was hidden until launch time, surprising 120 guests. The event also marked his longest runway show ever.

All guests were seated at the Front Row position to fully enjoy the show with the runway winding around Vinh Hy Bay.  Photo: Kinh Can

All guests sat at the Front Row position to enjoy the show with the winding runway. Image: Glasses

From January, 60 tons of equipment from Ho Chi Minh City was brought here to set up the stage. A week before the show started, more than 10 trucks were mobilized to carry materials to Ninh Thuan. The crew used trucks, pickup trucks and made use of human power to carry equipment to the beach.

To ensure punctuality, the organizer hired 100 workers to perform the runway in seven days. In addition to the main stage, a separate entrance for guests was also erected, allowing people to wear high heels on a hard platform. The terrain of sand hills with the height difference between locations makes construction difficult. To ensure a flat and safe floor for the model, below, the organizers erected iron stakes and customized steel frames according to the terrain. With finished areas, the team constantly has to check again to avoid the hot sun that causes the wooden floor to be bent and uneven.

Electricity is also a difficult problem. The high use of electricity at the same time for lighting and sound production for the performance can affect the system, causing power outages in the middle. Meanwhile, if using the entire generator causes a lot of costs. To solve this problem, the organizers use parallel power systems and generators, coordinate and calculate technical factors.

Behind the scenes building the catwalk by the sea by Do Manh Cuong

Behind-the-scenes of Do Manh Cuong’s catwalk on the beach. Video: Characters provided

Entrepreneur Pham Huy Can said that organizing an outdoor show, far from Ho Chi Minh City, is a big challenge, because it is not only expensive but also laborious and has many weather risks. “After such shows, many times I thought I would stop. But when I saw the results and the reception of everyone, I put that thought aside and continued to explore and realize new ideas.” , I said.

Accompanying for many years with Do Manh Cuong in shows, director Nguyen Hieu Tam commented that previous shows took place in places with less severe weather conditions this time. June is the time when Ninh Thuan waters enter the hottest season of the year. “In order to keep everyone’s health while still ensuring efficiency during construction, we switched from working during the day to working at night,” he said.

In addition to the show floor builders, the organizers mobilized about 500 more personnel in the stages: logistics, sound, lighting, and coordination. With the backdrop area, the team used thousands of flowers that were shipped from Ho Chi Minh City to Ninh Thuan. The large number of flowers and the weather make preservation difficult.

* Collection Spring Summer 2022

(From left to right) Designed with linen, ocean motifs, monochrome silk and white in the Sixdo Spring Summer 2022 show. Photo: Kinh Can

From left to right, designed in linen, ocean motifs, monochrome silk and white in the Sixdo Spring Summer 2022 show. Photo: Glasses

This summer’s collection, Do Manh Cuong continues to exploit the flattering skirt shapes and color play that have made his signature mark in 15 years of conquering the fashion village. Silk chiffon, thin and light lace are exploited in maxi dresses, strapless, asymmetrical, blazer, pleated skirt…

The show is divided into four parts, corresponding to four small collections, harmoniously combining wide-brimmed hats, sedge bags, and sedge shoes, bearing the breath of summer. The opening is the playground of linen – a cool material, suitable for hot and humid weather. Part two features costumes with coral, shells, fish and many marine species, inspired by the ocean. Monochromatic costumes with floating colors such as: pink, blue, yellow, red orange, purple are harmoniously combined to create a color block picture in the third part of the show. The draping and framing techniques that thrived at the show at Lang Co in 2018 are also included in this section. The last part introduces white designs – a trend promoted by Sixdo in the near future.

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