Catriona Gray visits children with cleft palate

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray young cleft lip, cleft palate during a business trip in Ho Chi Minh City.

Having finished her role as a judge of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Catriona Gray has participated in volunteer activities in Ho Chi Minh City in recent days. Miss has visited hospitals with children with cleft lip and cleft palate, visiting their families.

Catriona Gray visits a boy who has undergone cleft palate surgery in Can Gio. Image: Characters provided

From 2019 to now, she has been a global ambassador for a charity organization specializing in providing free surgery for children with cleft lip and cleft palate. Accompanying Catriona Gray on the business trip was Doctor Nguyen Van Dau – Head of Odonto-Stomatology Department, Children’s Hospital 1.

To the family of a nine-year-old boy in Can Gio district, Catriona Gray gave gifts and inquired about the baby’s health after many years of surgery. Doctor Dau – who directly treated the baby – said the patient had undergone a complicated cleft lip and palate surgery. Meeting him and Catriona Gray again, she confidently chatted and smiled. Listening to her talk about her dream of becoming a police officer, doctor, and beauty queen, she smiled and held hands to encourage.

Catriona Gray said: “It’s my third time coming to Vietnam, but this trip gives me a lot of emotions. I hope more and more families will be supported with free surgery, helping the children to be confident in life and have a future. bright”.

Catriona Gray (left) and Smile Train Vietnam representative (blue dress) visit a child with cleft palate being monitored and treated at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Character provided

Catriona Gray (left) visits a child with cleft palate being monitored and treated at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Characters provided

Miss Universe 2018 says that in her three years as an ambassador, she has been to many countries such as Colombia, Brazil, the Philippines, Kenya … to meet many children with cleft palate. Last year, during a visit to a patient’s home in Kenya, Catriona Gray was emotional when she learned that the baby was being raised by a young single mother. Although the child has defects, the mother always thinks “you are an angel, bless life”. The way the woman accepted the incident with optimism made her admire.

Catriona Gray said she is the only child in the family. From a young age, her parents always supported her to achieve her dream. She imagines that if every child in the world was loved, trusted and given opportunities, society would be better. Since the day she was crowned Miss Universe 2018, she has had more opportunities to accompany and raise her voice to spread the message of support and help children. She said: “What I am doing is much easier than the work of surgeons. I want to continue to accompany people to create more positive things for children.”

Catriona Gray parades on the streets of Saigon

Catriona Gray speaks Vietnamese when participating in a street parade with Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, on the morning of May 26. Video: Characters provided

The beauty came to Vietnam on the morning of June 23, participated in a closed interview with Top 41 Miss Universe, and judged the final two days later. Catriona Gray also traveled to Hanoi, enjoying cuisine including bun cha, vermicelli with shrimp paste…

Catriona Gray was born in 1994 in Queensland, Australia, in a family with an Australian father and a Filipino mother. From a young age, she participated in artistic activities such as acting, dancing, singing… The 1.78 m tall beauty was once a leading candidate for Miss World 2016 but ended up in the Top 5. In December 2018, she continued to try at Miss Universe and was crowned.

Miss has more than 13 million followers on Instagram, was complimented beautiful, intelligent, knowledgeable in many fields. Catriona Gray currently holds a master’s degree in music theory from the Berklee Academy of Music (Boston, USA).

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