Cat Phuong: ‘I bless Kieu Minh Tuan and the newcomer’

Actress Cat Phuong said she was willing to attend the wedding of Kieu Minh Tuan – an ex-boyfriend of 12 years – if invited.

On the evening of May 15, at the 52-year-old birthday party in Ho Chi Minh City, artist Cat Phuong first revealed her farewell to actor Kieu Minh Tuan, 34 years old. The two ended their relationship on Valentine’s Day (February 14), 2021. Cat Phuong talked about the reason for the breakup, choosing to “stop being friends” with her ex.

– Why did you announce the breakup after more than a year?

– Actually, I used to want to speak early so that friends, colleagues and the audience can fully understand and empathize with both. However, in the past time, Tuan has many plans to release a movie. I am afraid if the story is revealed, Tuan’s work and the producer’s side will be affected.

Kieu Minh Tuan, Cat Phuong when they were still attached. Image: Cat Phuong Fanpage

Like at the launch of a game show at the end of last year, Tuan and I went to a joint event, but each person had a corner. After that, many rumors arose that Tuan and I broke up. The organizer of the contest asked, I was forced to ask an acquaintance to clarify that we were fine, to avoid implicating the image of the program. Earlier this year, I also wanted to speak up, but I hit the time of the movie premiere of Tuan and many close colleagues. Now, when I am out of trouble, I want to say it to ease my mind and move on, both me and Tuan are no longer known as “tricks”.

Cat Phuong confirmed farewell to Kieu Minh Tuan at the birthday party on the evening of May 15, Ho Chi Minh City

Cat Phuong confirmed her farewell to Kieu Minh Tuan at the birthday party on the evening of May 15 in Ho Chi Minh City. Video: Mai Nhat

– Under what circumstances did the two break up?

– I remember Valentine’s day, Tuan sat down in front of me and asked us to stop. After feeling frustrated and uncertain, I asked why and was told that the two were “no longer compatible”. At first, I thought that Tuan must have had another reason, because after 12 years of working with and overcoming many ups and downs, the two words “not suitable” sounded quite easy. I respect Tuan’s decision. One wanted to let go, the other had no reason to hold on. We haven’t registered our marriage, so when it’s over, it’s not that complicated.

– What do you think is the cause of the breakdown?

– Probably from both. The relationship began to crack since Tuan revealed in the media that he had feelings for his co-star in the movie Uncle, don’t marry my mother (2018). After that time, although we were still attached, things were not the same as before. I want to heal but don’t know where to start. At that time, Tuan’s reputation was also severely affected, and many shows were damaged. I did not have to turn my back, so I chose to continue to be by his side, rebuilding everything together.

As for me, I also feel guilty. For a long time, I neglected, did not care about him. I lacked questions, for example: are you tired of filming, what do you want to eat… We have also many times planned to register for marriage, get married, and have artificial insemination to have children. Everything seemed to be done, for many reasons, it failed. Come to think of it, maybe my fate and Tuan just went there.

– How did you overcome the sadness of the breakup?

– At first, the feeling of loneliness and emptiness is difficult to avoid. I often sit alone in the corner of the house, with all the lights off. When the street light shines through the door and onto the wall, I often use my hands to play shadow puppets. I don’t know if I was depressed at the time, but it was a way to make me more comfortable, more comfortable.

I think when I love with all my heart, but break up is also decisive. I often sit in front of the mirror, telling my heart that no matter how painful it is, I must overcome it in two months. I rushed to work to forget the sadness, and gradually did.

– Who was your spiritual support at that time?

– Besides my son – baby Bom, I have no one to share. At first, she didn’t know the story between me and Tuan. Once, Bom saw that I kept writhing in a corner, so he asked. I wiped my tears, saying I was contemplating a script. The baby shook his head and said, “You lied to me”. Knowing that I could not hide a young child, I had to tell him. She also vaguely recognized it first because Tuan hadn’t seen him at home for a long time. I encourage: “Well, don’t be sad, Uncle Tuan must have his own reasons”.

Like me, Bom took a while to accept because to his children, Tuan is like a second father. Tuan knew me when Bom was 4-5 years old, how many times had he bathed, combed, and stroked her hair. After parting, Tuan still cares about Bom, last New Year also bought her an iPad. A few days ago, he texted me asking if he wanted to change the tablet.

Cat Phuong tells about the relationship between a son and Kieu Minh Tuan

Cat Phuong talked about making friends with Kieu Minh Tuan after breaking up, on May 15. Video: Mai Nhat

– How do you keep your relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan now?

– We are good friends now. I have been working as Tuan’s manager for nearly a year, until the beginning of this year, the role ended. I met anything, Tuan also asked. Late last year, I was hospitalized because of a vestibular disorder. Tuan texted to ask if he wanted to eat or drink so he could visit. I was touched but refused because at that time the epidemic was still complicated, I had to have a PCR test to go to the hospital. Another time, I complained about the broken key that couldn’t be fixed. The next day, Tuan stopped by the house and brought it to repair.

Our relationship is much more comfortable now than it has been in years. In the end, we didn’t fight or argue, so now we respect each other. When Tuan has a new person, I still send congratulatory messages. Even if Tuan invited me to the wedding, I would still be willing. If there is any regret, it is just that the two names Cat Phuong – Kieu Minh Tuan are no longer parallel in art.

Cat Phuong with Bom - son with ex-husband Thai Hoa.  Photo: Character provided

Cat Phuong with Bom – son with ex-husband Thai Hoa. Image: Characters provided

– What difficulties did you face when you no longer performed much?

– It is true that during the time I managed Kieu Minh Tuan, my income was mainly from his projects. After the breakup, I had a lot of trouble with money. I switched to the business of coffee shops and cosmetics. Recently, I put up for sale the apartment we both used to live in, for business capital. Before that, the house was borrowed by me to buy. Later, when I moved in, Tuan helped me pay a part of it to the bank. I plan to send back the money you helped after the sale.

I also get help from many colleagues. One of the people I am indebted to is Viet Huong. Opening the shop right at the time of the epidemic last year, I had to borrow enough places. When I asked for help, Viet Huong just asked the reason and then transferred the account, even though she and I were not too close. I don’t worry much about raising children because my ex-husband supports me. Baby Bom lacks anything, just tell Mr. Thai Hoa.

– What do you think about love at the age of 52?

I still want to be loved. Although I have been broken twice, I realized that I am not the type of person who carries the mentality of “birds are afraid of bent branches”. I always look forward to a home. At this age, it’s no longer important to marry me, as long as that person’s love for me is big enough.

Cat Phuong was born in 1970 in Bac Lieu. In 1980, she followed her father to Ho Chi Minh City to do business, then entered the theater school and made a career in acting. She won the Golden Mai award in 2001 – “The most favorite theater actress” for the role of Thi No in the play. Chi Pheo and 2010 Mai Vang Award for the role of Nuong in the play Endless fields. In 2020, she won the “Best Actress” award at Golden Kite as a mother with autistic children in the movie Mother’s happiness.

Kieu Minh Tuan was born in 1988 in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. He started his career as a stage actor, having played many supporting roles in movies Homeless in big market, Scandal: The aura is back… In 2017, he emerged with I’m not 18 yet – The film won a record high revenue at that time with 171 billion VND. He continued to act in movies 798 Ten (2017), Blood moon party (2020), The key to a hundred billion (2022), Super easy job (2022)…

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