Carmat artificial hearts soon to be marketed in France

The French company Carmat announced on Wednesday January 6 that it intends to market its total artificial heart in the second quarter of 2021, targeting more particularly France and Germany.

“The company is preparing a commercial launch for the second quarter of 2021”, indicates a press release from Carmat, specifying that his artificial heart “Will be marketed under the Aeson brand”.

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In 2021, Carmat “Plans to focus on Germany and France, which together represent 55% of the market for mechanical circulatory assistance (MCS) devices in the European Union”.

A new clinical study with 50 patients

The artificial heart will first be marketed in Germany, while the company will focus on the French market through a new clinical study (Eficas) which will focus on around fifty patients.

This heart aims to offer a therapeutic alternative to patients suffering from terminal biventricular heart failure. The European CE marking was granted to it in December as a bridge to transplantation, paving the way for its marketing in countries recognizing this certification.

This marking “Represents a very significant market opportunity with at least 2,000 patients currently on waiting lists for heart transplants in five main European countries”, specifies Carmat.

Half of patients in France and Germany

“In 2021, we plan to focus our efforts on Germany and France, which represent more than half of these patients. We could also cover other countries recognizing the CE mark in a more opportunistic way ”, detailed the CEO of the company, Stéphane Piat.


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