Carmat abused on the stock market after having suspended the implantations of his artificial heart

Posted on Dec. 2021 at 11:24Updated Dec 6, 2019 2021 at 12:04

After announcing the suspension “on a temporary basis” of the implantations of its artificial heart Aeson, the French company Carmat sees its title abused on the stock market on Monday. Shortly after 11 a.m., the latter was down more than 15%, after dropping 24% at the opening. The action, valued at 24.20 euros the day before, stood at just over 20 euros.

Friday evening, the company announced that the implantation of its prostheses had been suspended “as a preventive measure” after “the occurrence of a quality problem that affected some of its prostheses”. This artificial heart aims to offer a therapeutic alternative to patients suffering from terminal biventricular heart failure.

An event “investigated” soon

“This event will be investigated in accordance with the protocol provided for this purpose,” the company announced, adding that it would give more details on the resumption of the establishments as soon as it “will be able to do so”.

This suspension “will allow us to calmly analyze the problem that has arisen and draw conclusions,” said Stéphane Piat, general manager of the company quoted in the press release. While wanting to be reassuring: “quality problems are usual events in the life cycle of medical devices, especially in the phases of increasing production capacity”. “Aeson’s quality and patient safety remain our top priority.”

In December 2020, Carmat obtained CE marking in Europe, which gave it the green light for the marketing of its artificial heart on the continent. Last July, the company announced that it had sold the first copy. In mid-September, it indicated that it had made other “sales” in Europe, and that six patient implantations had been carried out in Germany and Italy.

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