Carl Zeiss Jena – Leipzig 3: 2: Eisele hits ice cold from the penalty spot

Carl Zeiss won’t let Corona stop it either! Jena wins 3-2 after the forced break against Chemie Leipzig, making up ground on front-runner Dynamo Berlin in the regional league. But this game in front of 2,628 spectators was nothing for the faint of heart.

Without the corona sufferers Bastian Strietzel and Justin Schau, the FCC immediately set an exclamation point: After a corner from Maximilian Oesterhelweg, Fabian Eisele headed 1-0 at the far post (4th).

Chemie’s answer was not long in coming: Florian Kirstein ran up to Jena keeper Tom Müller, who managed to push the attacker away. In the end, it was Florian Brügmann who missed the goal with his shot (16.).

Jena managed the result until the break, and immediately after the break, the course seemed set for a home win. Oesterhelweg hung up again, this time Felix Drinkuth sank from close distance to make it 2-0 for Jena (46th).

But immediately with the kick-off, Leipzig sent a sign of life: Kirstein appeared again free in front of Müller after Slamar faux pas. This time he did better – only 2: 1 (47th).

Now chemistry was on the trigger and Jena was off the hook. The guests quickly rewarded themselves with the equalization. It was a co-production by two ex-Jena residents. Timo Mauer’s template sank Brügmann to 2-2 (53rd).

And the guests almost turned the game around completely: Mauer prevailed on the half-left side, but then found his master in Müller (83rd).

But it didn’t stay at 2-2 – because in stoppage time, substitute Maximilian Krauss prevailed on the right, crossed in, and Stefan Karau fended off the attempted shot with his hand – penalty! And from the point on, Eisele stayed ice cold: 3-2 for the FCC (93rd).

Shortly after that it was over, Jena is gaining ground at the top of the league and has to travel to Luckenwalde next weekend, Leipzig has home rights against Auerbach.


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