Carl Zeiss is in the cup semi-finals: Jena struggles to win in Erfurt.

Carl Zeiss is in the semi-finals of the national cup! Jena won 3-0 after extra time at FC Erfurt-Nord. The team from the Association League resisted for a long time. Only when the strength dwindled at the after-work kickers did the professionals meet …

Jena found no means against the well-organized Erfurt back team. But they didn’t make it too difficult for the north kickers either. The FCC acted terribly without ideas and plan.

And it was often embarrassing in front of the gate. First Maurice Hehne managed to push the ball from the right post to the left of the empty goal (42.). Substitute Fabian Eisele later achieved a similar feat. He had the empty goal from a central position in front of him – next to it (87th).

The high point on the fringes was delivered by the hosts. An Erfurt player wanted to connect his hair dryer at half-time, but unintentionally pulled the plug on the live broadcasting MDR. They had laid a 50-meter cable straight from the Erfurt cabin. Just in time for the restart, the power was back …

But the audience didn’t miss much. Substitute Maximilian Krauss brought a little more momentum into the Jena game, but the sixteenth was mostly over.

So it went into extra time, in which Marcel Hoppe broke the spell with a sharp left-footed shot from the edge of the box into the corner, 1-0 for the FCC (93rd). A copy of the goal from the other side succeeded Maurice Hehne, 2-0 (103rd). The 3-0 win by Krauss, a short distance shot, was the final point (119th).

That decided the game and reached the semi-finals.

Possible Jena opponents in the semifinals are ZFC Meuselwitz (3-0 in Jena-Zwatzen), RW Erfurt (2-1 in Gera) or Geratal (3-2 over Bad Langensalza). The game will be played in March 2022.

The regional league will continue next Wednesday (7 p.m.). Then the game against VfB Auerbach will be rescheduled.


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