Cao Xuan Son: ‘I am touched when children write about the pandemic’

Poet Cao Xuan Son – judge “For a Vietnam to win” – was touched when the children sent their dreams through paintings and literature.

– Why did you accept the invitation to be the judge of the contest “For a Vietnam to win”?

– The contest is an initiative that is both hot, topical, and deeply human. In the fight against the pandemic, we cherish the material and spiritual resources of all classes of people, including children. Even when the epidemic has not yet happened, children with cancer, serious diseases, sequelae of Agent Orange, autism or orphans… are among the weak and worthy of attention. most caring. No one can take away from them the right to hope, to believe strongly in a Vietnam that will surely win. In the fight against the pandemic, you are both brave warriors and our invaluable spiritual fulcrum.

Poet Cao Xuan Son is the judge of the contest “For a Vietnam to win”. Photo: Bao Tran

– Contestants in this playground include children with special circumstances. In your opinion, what does painting or writing literature bring to the children?

– For every child in the world, I believe, drawing or writing is always a need, a natural hobby, just like eating, sleeping, talking or playing. The children who come to the playground this time are those who are threatened by diseases every day and every hour. The contest therefore has a great meaning, as a gift of kindness. The organizing committee opened a good opportunity for the children to freely express their faith and love for life, sending encouraging words of encouragement and gratitude to the medical team; let them talk passionately about their simple, holy dreams…

Maybe before the competition, the pictures and stories they drew or wrote were just for themselves, as a form of monologue and narrative. This time, they hope more people will listen and share. The connection and spread certainly brought the children a lot of excitement. In fact, in a short time, there were quite a few candidates submitting entries, the number of entries exceeded the predictions and expectations of the organizers. Not only spreading positive energy to the community, in the opposite direction, the contest can be a nutritious spiritual medicine for the children themselves, contributing to help them gain more internal strength to fight diseases.

What do you think about the meaning and message conveyed by the contest?

– We strive to “leave no one behind” during the pandemic. The competition brings them great joy to accompany everyone, the whole country. Although they suffered physical pain and mental damage, their faith, hope, and dreams were completely healthy, healthy, and pure. The positive energy they spread, therefore, is much warmer. This made me emotional. I have participated as a judge in many writing contests, but never have I wished to award prizes to all candidates like in this contest.

– What is your exam grading criteria?

– I will stick to the criteria stated in the regulations of the contest organizers, giving priority to works with a clear and honest perspective, with an attractive way of conveying an optimistic and confident message about “a Vietnam”. Men all win” against Covid-19.

“For a Vietnam to win” is a painting and literary competition for children with cancer, fatal diseases, Agent Orange, disabled, disabled, autistic and orphans. The contest was co-organized by the Sun of Hope Program (formerly Mr. Sun), the Hope Foundation and Foreign Trade University, the youth news site; VTV Digital and VnExpress newspaper sponsor the media. Details of the contest can be found here.

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