Canh Diem fined more than a million USD for false advertising

ChinaCanh Diem, the leading beauty in the entertainment industry, was fined more than one million USD for violating the advertising law.

Follow The Paper On May 28, the market regulator of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province asked actors to pay more than 7.2 million yuan (more than one million USD). According to the investigation, at the end of 2021, Jing Tian signed a contract to be an image representative for Wu Xian Chang food company in Guangzhou, advertising a food of this company that “have the effect of preventing fat absorption and Street”. However, there are no reports to prove that this product has this effect.

Actor Canh Diem. Image: Jing Tian Studio

On the same day, on her personal page, Canh Diem posted an apology letter, saying that since receiving the violation notice, she had strictly complied with the requirements from the authorities. The actor wrote: “I did not properly check the documents and product information when signing the contract, causing a bad influence on consumers, I sincerely apologize.” The actress accepted the fine and paid the full amount.

For the first time, a class A star was administratively fined for violating the advertising law. The status of actors and singers advertising poor quality products has been controversial in recent years. According to the Law on Advertising issued in 2015, for products related to consumer health, the image representative and the production company are both responsible for false advertising causing harm to consumers.

Shaping the female lover of Canh Diem

Scene Diem in the movie “Tu Dang”. Video: Iqiyi

Canh Diem has been active in entertainment for 16 years, used to play My Beautiful Mistress, Warring States, Special Identity, Police Story 2013, The Winds of Macau, The Great Wall of Death, Kong: Skull Island… Previously, her acting was not appreciated, many viewers called her “mobile vase”. Her career marked a turning point after the movie Tu Dang, which was released in March 2021. The actor was praised by experts and the audience for his acting and beauty when playing the role of a female lover in the work. In February, Jing Tian was filming Lost in the wildernesscooperation Hua Khai.

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