“Can you enter a hospital without a vaccination pass? »

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Yes, because the vaccination pass is not required at the entrance to hospitals and nursing homes. “We do not want to prohibit access to care for the unvaccinated”, explained the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Olivier Véran, at the end of December. On the other hand, for lack of a pass, you will have to present a negative test (PCR or antigenic) carried out within twenty-four hours before your trip to a hospital or nursing home, whether you are a companion, visitor or patient. Except for emergency hospitalization, of course.

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The same measures apply to psychiatric hospitals, as specified on the website of the Paris university hospital group in psychiatry and neurosciences. On the other hand, since January 30, the booster dose against Covid-19 has become compulsory for the staff of health establishments. Caregivers and firefighters must present a complete vaccination schedule.

An exception for hospitals and healthcare establishments

The vaccination pass replaced the health pass on Monday, January 24. It is compulsory for people aged 16 and over in places open to the public. The government website indicates that the “bars and restaurants; leisure activities (cinemas, museums, theatres, sports venues, sports and performance halls, etc.), fairs, seminars and trade shows; department stores and shopping centers (by decision of the prefect) and interregional transport (planes, trains, buses)” are concerned. Hospitals and health establishments, where the health pass has not been replaced by the vaccination pass, are therefore an exception. »


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