Can Vladimir Putin and will he lower gas prices?

ANALYSIS – Accused of having deliberately kept the valves tight to raise prices, Russia claims to be foreign to the outbreak of fever and has even blamed the Europeans.

It is almost magical power. Just as a simple tweet from Donald Trump criticizing OPEC could lower the price of a barrel of black gold within an hour, a few words from Vladimir Putin on Wednesday dampened the historic surge in the price of gas on the market. European.

Consider a potential increase in supply in the market», Declared the Russian president. Immediately, the price of natural gas, which had experienced a spectacular surge of 40% during the day, on the European market, listed in Rotterdam, fell again.

Since the beginning of September, the price of gas on the wholesale market (spot market) has more than doubled. At issue: the very strong rebound in world demand driven by the economic recovery accompanied by various production difficulties. Russia has been accused of purposely keeping the floodgates on to push up prices. And to promote an alternative solution to tubes passing through Ukraine: the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline which directly links Saint Petersburg

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