BVB: With Haaland’s help: handball women have to save Dortmund’s euro honor

With Haaland’s help

These ladies must save Dortmund’s Euro honor!

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Suddenly, YOU are in the front row!

Borussia’s record in Europe this year is terrible. The BVB professionals flew out of the feasible Champions League group with Ajax, Sporting and Besiktas early on. Then in February against outsiders Glasgow Rangers from the “Losers’ Cup” Europa League (2:4, 2:2).

Unfortunately, last week the U19s just missed the chance of the final tournament of the Youth League (0:1 against Atletico). But the club still has an iron in the fire…

With Haaland’s help: these ladies must save Dortmund’s euro honor!

You can read HERE why the Champions League duel between handball players against Metz (today, 6 p.m.) is so special, what coach André Fuhr (50) and captain Alina Grijseels say and which topic Dortmund don’t really agree with.

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