Busquets: Barça star tested positive for Corona – is Spain threatening the EM disaster?

Is Spain threatening the EM disaster?

Barça star and national team captain Sergio Busquets (32) tested positive for the corona virus in the EM training camp!

The Spanish association announced this in the evening. Busquets have already left the training camp in Las Rozas. It was initially not known whether the midfielder suffers from Covid-19 symptoms.

And that means: The 123-time Spanish national player is threatened with the end of the European Championship. In seven days, Spain will start the European championship mission against Sweden (June 14, 9 p.m.) – but Busquets will miss this game and the following match (June 15, 9 p.m.) against Poland due to the 14-day quarantine. Should the test not turn out to be false positive …

Furthermore, there was a cautious all-clear from the association: All other players had initially tested negative – these tests would now be repeated in the coming days.

► Nevertheless, all team events (team training, press conferences, test match against Lithuania) were canceled immediately. The players who had contact with Busquets were also isolated.

There should now also be worries in Portugal and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (36). Spain played against Portugal (0-0) on Friday. And: Busquets hugged Ronaldo before the game.

That could threaten Spain now

It could get even worse for Spain. If other players are infected, in the worst case there is even a risk of an EM disaster. Then when the team doesn’t have enough players.

According to UEFA’s official Covid rules (May 4, 2021):

► “Should a group of players on a team go into quarantine or self-isolation (…), the match will take place as planned as long as the team has 13 players (including at least one goalkeeper) (…)”.

► But: “If a national association is not able to provide the minimum number of players, the match will be rescheduled within the next 48 hours if possible”. In other words: game postponement.

► If that is not possible, you risk losing points. It says: “If the match cannot be rescheduled”, the UEFA supervisory bodies decide on the matter. Then it would be considered whether “the team responsible for the cancellation of the game gave up the game and lost 0-3”.

Currently there are 23 players available to coach Luis Enrique. And: Enrique can also nominate two players. Only after the subsequent nominations and a total of 13 other corona cases did the team no longer have enough players in the squad.

Spain plays in EM group E against Poland, Sweden and Slovakia.


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