Business Idea: A business that can be started from home, know the idea of ​​low cost and best earning

Business Idea for Cities: Nowadays, in view of the problems faced by people in getting jobs, there is a need to focus on such business which will earn you money and grow even further. We are going to tell you about one such business idea which is useful for you.

Tent House Business: Even if you have some space to start a tent house business, it can work. Also, the scope of this business has increased more at this time because after the corona period, people have started doing marriages in their homes and for this they work locally by setting up tents. People are also understanding that small functions can be completed at home by making some changes. In such a situation, the demand for tents etc. is increasing.

what items will be needed
First of all, wooden poles or bamboo or iron pipes will be needed for setting up the tent. After this, the need for chairs, rugs, lights, fans, mattresses, bedspreads and sheets etc. is usually needed in all kinds of functions, so you will have to arrange for them in large numbers. For tent house business, you will also need decoration items, then lights, flower arrangements, music system and if you are also providing catering items, then keep the availability of gas stove, furnace and large water drums with utensils.

how much does a tent business cost
In the initial phase, you can start a business with an amount ranging from 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees. Apart from this, if you have capital, then you can gradually expand this business. By investing 4 to 5 lakh rupees, then you can increase the business well.

how much can be earned
Since the wedding season is going on these days, you can get small bookings in this season or you can easily earn up to 25 thousand to 30 thousand from one order. On the other hand, if your business is on a large scale, then bookings of 80-90 thousand can be achieved soon. In this way only about 4-5 orders will cover your cost and then you will be profitable.

Can get help from government
The Modi government at the Center has started a scheme to give various types of loans for employment generation. Under this, you are also given a loan from the government to start or pursue a small business. However, for this some conditions have to be fulfilled, about which you will be informed next time.

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