Burn-out: nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists also affected

The figure is worrying, if not alarming: more than 53% of liberal medical auxiliaries show signs of burnout. A figure much higher than the French population where “only” 12% of the population would present a risk of professional exhaustion.

Admittedly, the fatigue of liberal nurses is not a discovery, but the study carried out by the Stimulus firm on behalf of the pension fund for liberal medical auxiliaries (Carpimko) allows us to pinpoint the state of a profession of which 56.5% of members already show signs of burnout.

The figures are barely better for other medical auxiliaries: 32% among physiotherapists, 48.6% among speech therapists, 48.5% among chiropodists, 39.8% among orthoptists, etc.

Days that start at 5 a.m.

One of the first causes of this state of affairs is the stress which affects a high proportion of nurses, speech therapists or physiotherapists, professionals having 2 to 4 hours of professional journey per day being overexposed.

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In addition, there is the mental load and the increasingly blurred line between personal and professional lives. For many nurses, “The simple fact of switching off the telephone outside of work periods can generate psychological and ethical tension”, emphasizes the study.

“The act in itself is surrounded by a lot of things”

“We see all the misery in the world, adds Marie-Anne François, speech therapist and president of Carpimko. We stay with patients long enough and this is often the time when they talk about their worries: it is not always easy to endure their suffering. “

The lack of time, felt by a large majority of professionals (up to 89% for speech therapists), also plays a role. “The act itself is surrounded by a lot of things, explains Marie-Anne François. We must prepare the sessions, write the reports, and deal with the distress of families, often elderly people, who cannot find care. “

Awkward postures

The Covid-19 and the time required to disinfect premises or equipment obviously did not help.

79% of nurses and 59% of physiotherapists also say they are worried about their physical health, in particular because of manual handling. “As a liberal, we often go to the patient and are dependent on his accommodation. It is not easy for a nurse or a physiotherapist to carry a patient when there is no patient lift ”, emphasizes Marie-Anne François.

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Arrange the end of a career

Marie-Anne François also pleads for the difficulties of liberal medial auxiliaries to be present in the debates of the law on occupational health. “We would also like it to be possible to organize the end of a career, she insists. This would allow those who are worn out to have reduced activity and to work less before retiring. “


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