Bundesliga mourns Eintracht Frankfurt’s Jürgen Grabowski: “He remains the greatest”

World champion Bernd Hölzenbein (76) and his wife Jutta have been in contact with Jürgen Grabowski’s wife Helga in recent days. “We talked on the phone and went for a walk. Now we are totally shocked! Very bad news.”

Grabi und Holz – Eintracht’s pride, that’s what the fans wrote in the 70s. Now there is only one of the two.

Hölzenbein: “But Grabi remains the greatest.”

But Grabowski’s health had been bad for a long time. Most recently, a fall in the bathroom in January with a broken femur. He never recovered from the operation. The Bundesliga mourns.

Leverkusen’s Rudi Völler (61): “As a little Hanau boy, I raved about this great footballer. Jürgen Grabowski was an idol for Eintracht and far beyond the Rhine-Main area.”

Eintracht record player Charly Körbel (67): “For me personally, a friend has passed away. It’s a shock and hard to process. Grabi shaped Eintracht with his style and his style of play. He was the greatest artist we had at Eintracht.”

Captain Sebastian Rode (31): “A very sad day for the Eintracht family and all of football in Germany. A great athlete and a legend is leaving us with him. Rest in peace.”

Franz Beckenbauer (76): “Jürgen was a wonderful person and a great footballer. With him we have lost a friend and a brilliant footballer.”

As a left-back at Bayern, world champion Breitner was often Grabi’s opponentPhoto: Henning Kaiser/dpa

World Champion Paul Breitner (70): “Jürgen was always my favorite player – and it was me for him: either he played me so dizzy for 90 minutes in the Bundesliga or he couldn’t even get past me. Jürgen, together with Bernd Hölzenbein, was one of the sticking points in 1974. This Frankfurt pincer was one of the decisive factors in our winning the final against Holland. He was a friend to me.”

Eintracht’s honorary supervisory board member Wolfgang Steubing (72): “It will be a long time before we find such an icon at Eintracht again.”

Eintracht champions striker from 1959, Istvan Sztani (84): “We played together for a few more years. Grabi and I loved soccer. I am very sad.”

President Peter Fischer (65): “His loss is indescribably great, but a Jürgen Grabowski is never quite.”


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