Bundesliga excitement – Unvaccinated Hertha players have to pay for tests themselves

The first Bundesliga club is serious about the fight against vaccination refusers!

According to BILD information, all unvaccinated professionals at Hertha will have to pay for their corona tests out of their own pocket in the future.

These are PCR tests that cost around 70 euros and, according to DFL regulations, must be carried out twice a week. Hertha even has the unvaccinated professionals tested six times.

In other words: At a price of around 70 euros per test, this costs those who refuse vaccinations over 1,600 euros a month. Until recently, the association had paid for the costs.

Hertha manager Fredi Bobic (49) to BILD: “We have a vaccination rate of over 90 percent. And that without any kind of coercion, but through conviction. “

The information relates to the professional squad (27 players), coaching staff and the team around the team. A total of around 40 people. Nevertheless, several professionals are still without spades!

According to BILD information, the vaccination rate in the league should be around 82 percent for the players. The one on the coaching staff is even higher.

In the US, basketball professionals who are not vaccinated are even more hungry for money.

NBA players in San Francisco and New York are not allowed to appear without Covid protection. There is also no salary for games in which they cannot be used for this reason.

The most prominent vaccination refusal there is Kyrie Irving (29), who is under contract with the Brooklyn Nets. If he does not get vaccinated and will therefore not be used in the coming season, it will cost him around 14.22 million euros.


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