Bundesliga: Diaby misses a penalty in Bayer Leverkusen’s 0-0 draw at VfL Bochum

The league is talking about these two curious scenes!

When it was 0-0 in Bochum, two Leverkusen players were the big topic of conversation. Coach Gerardo Seoane (43) and offensive star Moussa Diaby (22).

What happened?

Oops! Leverkusen coach Seoane goes down. Substituted Tah stands by in surprisePhoto: TEAM2sportphoto

Leverkusen’s coach suddenly fell on the sidelines in the middle of the first half. In order to get out of the Bochum stadium interior, two stewards have to open a flap to an extra corridor that borders on the Leverkusen coaching zone. They do the same when the injured Tah wants to leave the stadium. However, the stewards didn’t see that Seoane was still standing next to the flap and was thus tripped up. He is not at all happy about it, and then holds his leg because he apparently injured himself as a result of this action…

And Diaby? He turns a penalty in the 65th minute. However, the Frenchman shoots himself. This is against the rules! So the goal doesn’t count. In the fight for the Champions League, this miss can be expensive…

In the current football statutes, rule 10 for determining the outcome of the game says: “The penalty kick is completed when the ball stops moving, is out of play or the referee stops play for an offence. The penalty taker is not allowed to play the ball a second time.”

It’s not the first time that such a penalty has caused a stir. Cologne’s Florian Kainz also shot his losing leg in the penalty shoot-out in the DFB Cup against HSV. The goal didn’t count, Cologne flew out of the cup.

It is the first VfL home game since the cup throwing scandal on March 18 against Gladbach. Flyers will be distributed before the game. For a “blue and white togetherness”, as it says on the label. Also that “flag waving, choreographies and support” are part of the fan culture – cup throws or other throws are not! VfL wants “respectful behavior towards others”. In addition, new cameras were installed to deter such fan idiots or to be able to better identify them.

Bochum has more of the game in the first half. Leverkusen still without a real shot on goal.

A special moment away from the penalty spot in the second half: Seven months after his cruciate ligament rupture, Bochum’s striker Zoller came on to the cheers of the fans (81st).


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