Bundesliga: Already against Union! RB increases prices for beer and Co.

On Saturday, the German brewing industry celebrates the day of German beer – but there is not so good news for the Leipzig fans! From the game against Union onwards, the supporters have to dig deeper into their pockets for beer and co.

The Bundesliga club will increase their prices for the game on Saturday. Specifically: beer and shandy now cost 4.70 euros instead of the previous 4.40 euros. Bratwurst, currywurst and fries, currywurst and wieners are now also 20 cents more each. The bratwurst then costs 3.70 euros and the pretzel 3.20 euros.

In addition to the issue of inflation and the fact that energy and raw materials are becoming more expensive, all Bundesliga clubs have recently increased their prices except for Leverkusen. For comparison: half a liter of beer also costs 4.70 euros in the Allianz Arena in Munich. It was only at the beginning of April that Dortmund raised the price of beer to EUR 4.70 (previously EUR 4.20).

RB explains it like this: After several seasons with stable catering prices, this increase is necessary because the costs for suppliers, wages and raw materials, among other things, have increased immensely in recent years. The additional costs for some products have become so high that the new price increases can just cap them 1:1.

Incidentally, the last price increase for stadium beer was three years ago.


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