Budget 2022: Everyone is happy with the focus on digitization in the budget, know the opinion of industry and market leaders

Budget 2022: Budget 2022 has been presented in Parliament today and separate announcements have been made for healthcare to education sector and from hospitality sector to infra sector. How the industry sees these announcements and what is the opinion about them, you can know here.

Pawas Tyagi, Co-Founder- edustoke

edusstock Of Co-Founder Pavas Tyagi It says that the efforts made in the education sector for digital content development and digitizing education should be appreciated. The announcements made by the Finance Minister regarding the upgradation of Anganwadi are commendable. Through the 5G rollout, this budget is going to prove to be a boost to quality education in the country and the availability of education will be improved with modern technology, it assures.

L Badri Narayanan, Executive Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys

Lakshmikumaran And Sreedharan Attorneys Of Executive Partner L Badri Narayan It is said that the tax imposed on virtual digital currency gives confidence that digital currency is not likely to be banned in the country. Like earlier there was talk of banning crypto and other currencies through the Digital Currency Bill, but it is also clear that some impact will be seen on the interest of investors due to tax on these digital currencies.

Samir Modi, Managing Director, Modi Enterprises

Modi Enterprises Of Managing Director Sameer Modi It says that the steps taken by the government for the education sector should be appreciated, which will help in providing education of international standard in the country. Apart from this, these sectors of the country will also achieve good growth due to the rural demand and the steps taken for the real estate sector. By talking about RBI’s stamp on bringing digital currency, there has also been talk of digitization of the country’s economy, which can be called an effort, but how will its results be seen.

Ms. Romita Mazumdar, Founder, Foxtale

foxtel Of Founder Romita Majumdar Responding to the budget, said that this budget is a step towards strengthening the growth outcome of the Indian ecosystem. Now the time has come to give maximum incentives to startups in the Indian market. Effective reduction in long-term capital gains is good news and the government’s proposal to extend the tax redemption period is good news for startups and industry. With this budget of the current government, investors investing in the economy will see a good sentiment, it is believed.

Ram Raheja, Director at S Raheja Realty

S Raheja Realty Of Director Ram Raheja It is said that the budget will clearly help in positiveizing the entire business sentiment. With the help of Rs 1 lakh crore, the states will be helped in strengthening the overall infrastructure and urban infrastructure. Reliable work is being done in the area of ​​Ease of Doing Business, this confidence comes from the budget speech of the Finance Minister. Digital form will also be helpful in making sentiment positive.

Melbin Thomas (Co-founder, Sahicoin)

rightcoin Of Co-Founder Melbin Thomas It says that the industry will get a boost on the steps being taken by the government to regulate digital assets. Through this, it will help to break many misconceptions about cryptocurrencies. Recognizing it as a separate asset class will bring forth more benefits.

Sidharth Agarwal, Director, Spectrum Talent Management

Spectrum Talent Management Of Director Siddharth Aggarwal It is said that the Finance Minister has said about creating 60 lakh new jobs, but it has not been told very clearly from where the money will come for this. The middle class and the salaried class did not have much room to do in the face of the difficult conditions being witnessed during the Corona pandemic for the last two years. Although some steps taken for the industry and startups will generate employment, it can be expected.

Varun Mohan, Founder & CEO, Definite

define Of Founder And CEO Varun Mohan It says that India’s economic growth coming to 9.2 percent shows that growth is coming in all the sectors of its economy. Big investment will be made for infrastructure through Gati Shakti and this is a welcome step of the government. The announcements made by the government in the field of digital infrastructure will also be useful in modernizing the country’s economy.

Sarbojit Mallick, Founder and CBO, Instahyre

instahair Of Founder And CBO Sarbojit Malik It says that 60 lakh new jobs will also come in the field of manufacturing, food products and solar and these sectors will be able to achieve rapid growth. Tech startups will benefit from more emphasis on segments like agritech, deeptech, EV tech. These will definitely help Indian startups to settle down globally.

Raheel Shah, Director, BDR Group of Companies

bdr group of companies Of Director Raheel Shah It says that the government’s focus is on growth and hard work has been done on its framework. The government will have to move fast for agriculture, medical, healthcare, infrastructure and this budget is sure to help in this. The country’s vaccination program is going on at a very fast pace and for this, efforts are being made by the government to give more boost to the medical infrastructure.

Prashant Ruia, Director – Essar Capital on Union Budget 2022

Essar Capital Of Director Prashant Ruia It is said that the blueprint of the next 25 years in the budget looks good. It can be expected that a booster dose of public investment will boost corporate investment. The focus on infrastructure along with technology will definitely work in increasing employment and the economic picture of the country will change.

Dr Tarang Gianchandani, CEO, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital Of CEO Dr. Tarang Gyanchandani It is said that the budget allocation given on infra will give a good boost especially to the healthcare sector, which is also very important. Along with the economic condition of the country, health also needs to be good. With the development of the National Digital Health Ecosystem, people will be able to get medical assistance easily and in a digitized manner without any hassles.

Mr Jai Decosta, Founder and CEO at K12 Techno Services Pvt Ltd

K12 Techno Services Private Limited Of Founder And CEO Jay DiCosta It is said that the present government seems more cautious about digitization in every segment.
It will be a matter of praise for the government to have the main focus on education and all its benefits will be seen in the future. In the Corona era anyway, the physical mode has had a very negative effect on education and in such a situation, the idea of ​​providing education through a digital university can prove to be very useful.

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