Boxing: World champion Ebanie Bridges fights against stereotypes and prejudice

A world champion strikes back…

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges (35) won the IBF bantamweight championship belt in March. In Leeds, England, the challenger defeated the Argentinian defending champion Maria Cecilia Roman (39) unanimously on points.

But the athlete has still not defeated an opponent. Despite being a world champion, Ebanie Bridges is not really taken seriously. The reason: she is too pretty.

“Ever since I turned professional, I’ve been fighting prejudice and clichés,” criticized the boxing world champion in the boxing podcast Fight Night.

Bridges explains, “Even after I won my belt, people didn’t know I boxed. They said, ‘Oh, you box? You’re too pretty to fight’. There will always be prejudices, that’s how society has been for many, many years, but I think it’s starting to break down.”

The boxer continues: “Fortunately, in my last fight, I clearly defeated the longest reigning champion in my weight class. It proves that you can look like me and be a woman and still fight.”

Citing fellow boxers Katie Taylor, 35, and Amanda Serrano, 33, as other examples, Bridges notes, “We show we fight. We fight hard and we entertain the boxing fans – not like men because we’re still women, but we’re boxers just like the men.”


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