Boxing :: Tyson Fury wins heroic battle against Deontay Wilder

What a fight!

Tyson Fury (33) remains world champion in one of the best fights of all time!

The Englishman knocks out Deontay Wilder (35) again and defends the WBC heavyweight title. In the 11th round referee Russell Mora breaks off the fight after Wilder’s third knockdown!

Wilder even sent Fury down twice himself. What a fight!

3rd round: The first open exchange of blows! Fury brings Wilder to the ground! Only the bell can save the American.

4th round: Though it looks like Fury is about to make short work of it, Wilder comes back. He knocks down Fury with a hard right hand! Fury is standing, but is back on the ground a little later. He is also saved by the bell.

Tyson Fury is on the groundPhoto: STEVE MARCUS / REUTERS

10th round: Fury makes – as in the whole fight – really steam. Wilder is already badly battered, but somehow he can always save himself. But then there is the next rainfall! Referee Mora lets go of Wilder again.

11th round: The final knockout! Fury goes on the offensive and forces the fight to end prematurely. A hard right from Fury is already causing Wilder to stagger. Then he catches another hit. Wilder sags to the ground, Mora breaks off!

Tyson Fury struck Wilder three times

Tyson Fury struck Wilder three timesPhoto: STEVE MARCUS / REUTERS

Wilder had been a long time coming for the walk-on. Allegedly there were problems getting into his gloves.

Even the way into the ring is an epic spectacle: unlike the defeat against Fury, Wilder only came into the ring with a “small” costume.

Wilder with a special disguise

Wilder with a special disguisePhoto: Chase Stevens / AP

Fury entered the arena disguised as a Spartan. He had a small army with him!

Tyson Fury came into the ring with an army

Tyson Fury came into the ring with an armyPhoto: Top Rank via Getty Images

Fury wins for the second time in the third meeting. The first duel ended in a draw. The Englishman is still undefeated! There is only one draw for every 31 wins!

Fury after the fight: “It’s one of the best trilogies ever. I actually beat him three times. There is no longer any unanswered question! I’m the best in the world, Wilder is second best. “

Then he trilled a song for around 20,000 spectators in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. “Walking in Las Vegas”, it was said.

Wilder was immediately taken from the hall to a nearby hospital.

Fury will not meet Oleksandr Usyk (34), who recently won four titles from Anthony Joshua (31). Joshua withdrew his rematch clause. This leaves him only with a bridging fight, possibly against Dillian Whyte (33).


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